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Anti-Microbial Badge Reels

I sit here working remotely from home and thinking of all my family, friends and clients assisting and helping others in need of healthcare. Every day I am getting requests for hand sanititzers, thermometers, masks and more. If only we had all seen this coming sooner and been better prepared. But how can you prepare for the unknown? I you are like me you are thinking that this will end tomorrow. Well nmaybe not tomorrow, but hopefully soon. For all those healthcare providers and others wearing badge reels and lanyards for ID I hope you are wearing our ANTI-MICROBIAL BADGE REELS. Stay safe, wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds, and keep your 6′ distance. If you see someone walking towards you please make sure to keep your distance. Be well!

Purified Fresh Air to Your Home Office

Another work day from home, another day trying to stay safe, healthy and as far away as we can from others. We wonder how safe our home is, our home office or wherever else we may be working until this all blows over. Which of course it will, it has to, one day. We try to find new and creative ideas and ways to stay safe. Here is an item that can sit on your desk killing any germs that may be lurking. Stay safe, stay healthy.

Time to Get Fit. Take a Break From Your Computer and Move.

If you know anything about me by now, it is that I rarely start the day without some kind of exercise whether my work day starts in the office or in my house. At the gym (not now), on my home equipment or using my apps with my TV or computer, I like to stay fit. Of course it helps to work off those happy hour calories.

Exercise bands are great and convenient. Keep them in a draw, on a shelf, or in your suitcase (again not now). Resistant band take up no room, help keep you flexible and strong and a great excuse to get up and take a break.

Need ideas on how to use them? Reach out to me and ask. I am full of knowledge. Now let’s get moving. Who knows, one day we may be zooming our exercises together.

Yes We Are Open!

Many stores, some restaurants and bars as well as some business are temporarily closed or open on a limited bases. We ponder how to stay in business, pay our bills, and let our customers know we are still here for them.

Those businesses that are open, making deliveries and there to help, should let EVERYONE know they are open for business. Let us all help each other.

I Like to Be Optimistic- Backpacks are Essential Bags.

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Some people may say I am too optimistic, some may say I am not realistic, and yet others may not know what to think about me at all. I am an optimistic and like to look on the brighter side. Not always easy to be sure.

I do believe this virus will come to an end and I believe it will be sooner than later. Yes, I hope so. It is not easy, but it gives us a chance to rethink about how we interact with our family, friends and clients. Time to think of new ways to build and hold onto our businesses. I do not believe we will or should be back to normal in 2 weeks like other optimists, but I want to believe it will not be much longer .

That being said, when we are ready to return back to our offices and schools we will want to be prepared and have a bag/backpack to carry our belongings in. Maybe it is time to start anew, or get that bag you have been needing.

This High Sierra Backpack is great for everyone, high quality and at a great price. CHIQUI 130364

What is your favorite back? We would like to know.

Some Chocolate is Made to Chocolate Tastes Great! Play with Ours and Then Enjoy the Treat. Share with Friends, Virtually of Course.

STB-TCT - Chocolate Tic Tac Toe Box

We are told to stay 6 feet apart, stay in our homes and stay safe. and be smart. Yes we can walk the dog, take walks, exercise or bike ride, but then come right back inside. With that in mind we need to find other ways to stay in touch. Here is the perfect item for you. Our Chocolate Tic Tac Toe Box. Yes, I know I said stay 6 feet apart but we are now becoming experts with our Zoom calls and meetings. Purchase this game for yourself and send them to your friends. When you are looking for something to do, reach out to your friend, open your zoom and start playing. And if you end up eating the pieces along the way, that is an added bonus. Comes with all the pieces you need.

Let us all stay connected and in touch. There are many ways to accomplish this. How do you stay in touch?

Stay At Home Wearables

Today is the start of the official 2nd week for most of us to have to work from home. We wake up in the morning, some of us are used to working from home, others are used to waking up, getting dressed and heading to the office. How do you find yourself dressing in the morning. Work attire, day pajamas or your comfy at home sweats? I would like to hear from you.

Have you Had Your Temperature Taken Today?

You work in a hospital, nursing home or other health facility. And if you are flying, don’t think for a minute you are getting into the airport or onto the plane without having your temperature taken first. This is becoming the new norm. For now. Thermometers are hard to get, but we have these digital non contact thermometers available in 14 days or less. How can we help you today?

TGIF – It’s Finally Friday and Time to Celebrate our First Official Week at Home.

Congratulations, you made it through your first official week of being mandated to work from home. Let’s celebrate and have Happy Hour together.

Whisky and Bourbon are all the rage today and in keeping with the times, so are these huge ice cubes that keep the drinks from watering down too quickly.


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