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June is Safety Month-We Want You Safe and Protected

Do you have the right equipment to stay safe from head to toe? We have been providing safety apparel and equipment to the construction industry and all those related to safety and security.

From the head down, Hard hats for your head, Eye protection glasses for your eyes, Hearing protection to protect your ears from loud noises and blasts,, Hi-Viz apparel for your body, and gloves to protect your hands.

Are you looking for ANSI graded items or just safety color T-shirts, vests and more? We have it all to help you stay visible and protected.

Do You have a Cork Keeper?

If you like to drink wine like I do chances are you have one of the wine cork keepers to save the cork of your favorite wine. They come in all different shapes, styles and sizes.

To go with your wine keeper, and to use with that bottle of wine you will most likely need a corkscrew to open the bottle and obviously a glass of wine to drink the wine in.

What is your favorite type of glass to drink you wine? Do you prefer a stemmed glass or the stemless? They say that by holding the glass by the stem, your hand will not warm up the wine but the stemless glasses are easier to store, wash and less chance of breakage. Speaking of glass breakage, we have an assortment of wine glasses that are not made of glass, will not break, and just as good.

Are you ready to have a full conversation about wine now? I would love to hear from you.

May 6-12 National Nurses Week

This has been a particularly stressful year for all of our nurses. They always work hard and care for their patients but this year more than ever the hours, the concerns, the risks and sacrifices have been above and beyond what they had anticipated or even experienced before.

Let us all make sure to thank them and show our appreciation.

$4.00 or Under – Outdoor Fun Bundles Stock or Custom

Choose one of our stock outdoor fun sets or create your own. Each item comes with your company, school or event name branded on it.

It is time to get outdoors, have some fun and stay top of mind. It does not have to cost a lot to get together, socially distance, and find a spot outdoors. Include some items like toys for throwing, protecting your eyes, and keeping hydrated.

We want you having fun.

Graduation Gift – Reversible Bracelet

It is graduation time and our students have worked hard and looking forward to graduation. It has not been an easy year but there is always opportunities to grow and learn if we allow ourselves to. Dear graduate, you have certainly done this.

Gifts and awards are a large part of the offerings of promotional products. Show your graduate you are proud of their achievements with a commemorative graduation bracelet.

These reversible bracelets come with a lifetime guarantee.

Marmot Men’s Eco Anorak Jacket-100% Eco

Promotional apparel is more than just a promotional item. They come in retail brands, assorted fashionable colors and in many styles. This color blocking style is very popular and can be seen it stores all around town.

This Marmot Anorak waterproof jacket is made of 100% NanPro Eco recycled nylon ripstop . The jacket converts into the pocket making it easy to carry around and have on hand at all times.

Great golf outing gift, gift shop and school item.

Oh So Pretty – Drinkware

It is not often I see a new product and fall in love. It is not that easy to impress me. After all, I live and breathe promotional products and always learning what is new to share.

This Cerro bottle, as soon as I saw it, I thought of the word “Pretty”. Is it strange to feel and think this way about a water bottle? In any case that was my first impression. Do you feel the same way?

This 20.9 oz double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation threaded insulated lid is top of the line in drinkware. If you know drinkware, the double wall, 18/8 and copper vacuum insulation makes it thick and sturdy, durable and of course adds value by keeping your drinks cold and hot for extended periods of time.

These also come with a gift box making this the perfect gift.

Flame Protection Coveralls – Yes these are and can be Considered a Promotional Item

When you think of promotional items, the first thing you probably think of is giveaways. Maybe a pen, a mug or even a bag. Clothing and apparel is a huge market share of promotional products.

Uniforms, safety items, as well as work wear and protective clothing are also considered a promotional item.

Next time you hear someone is in the promotional industry you may find it interesting to learn more about who they are, what they do, who they sell to, and what products they offer.

Let us all learn more about each other, the products and services we offer, and more important, why we do what we do. We are all interesting people with many interests and hobbies. Do you like animals, sports, health and fitness, reading or travel? I am interested to learn more about you.

Time to Go Camping

Camping has always been popular but appears to be more popular now as people gather in small groups and want to stay connected as well as feeling safe and in control of their environment.

We have all the camping essentials you can possibly need and branding them with you logo is value added. This Urban Peak waterproof bag to keep your belongings dry, the insulator keeps your drinks cold and the survival knife supplies you with the tools that you will need.

Don’t forget to also bring your campfire mugs, Smore kits and cooking utensils. Eco Luci Lights and flashlights will give you all the light that you will need.

Stay safe, stay connected and be prepared.

Window Box Plants Scaled Down for You

This Terzetto Blossom Kit is perfect for me and you. It works for your home, office and workspace. It makes a great gift.

This is the year to think ReNew, ReBirth, ReGrow. It is time to move on, grow and energize ourselves, our lives, our businesses.

This botanic accent can help rejuvenate and bring some green into your space. There are many seeds to choose from that grow flowers and herbs like Mint, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Basil and more. Many of these plants bring soothing and calming scents, liquids and herbs to use in your drink and food, or just to look at.

This is the time to grow.

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