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TGIF – It’s Finally Friday and Time to Celebrate our First Official Week at Home.

Congratulations, you made it through your first official week of being mandated to work from home. Let’s celebrate and have Happy Hour together.

Whisky and Bourbon are all the rage today and in keeping with the times, so are these huge ice cubes that keep the drinks from watering down too quickly.


Have We Talked About Grocery Shopping Yet?


The only times we are supposed to leave the house is for the essentials we need. The Supermarket, Farmers Markets, and Gourmet Shopping centers are areas we shop at. They seem to have become one of our focal points. Most of us are working from home, eating at home and cooking at home more. Wash your hands, wash your clothes and wash your food when you come back from the store. This is the perfect item for you. Not only are these compact, lightweight and easy to carry around, but they are washable. So go buy your meats and fish, vegetables, breads and pastas and liquid drinks. They can each go into a different bag. When you go home, put your groceries away and wash your bags ready to use next time. This is definitely one of my favorite items, I keep one in my car, in my backpack and everyone in my family has one as well. Happy Shopping!

They come in set of 5 or 3 bag pods.

5 Bag POD Specifications This grocery pod is essential for any grocery run. Convenient and reusable, it includes 5 reusable totes which can be carelessly stuffed into the convenient carrying pod for storage. The carrying pod is compact and lightweight and fits in the glove box of your car so you’ll never forget to bring your grocery bags for shopping. The pod has ample room to carry more than 5 totes so you can carry all the groceries in one trip. Made of 210D poly, the entire unit is washable & reusable so its eco-friendly and useful so you’ll never have to use plastic bags again.BAG POD Specifications Material: 210d poly
Carrying pod ““ 9″W x 4 ½”Dia Tote ““ 16″W x 11″H x 6 ¼”D

3 Bag POD Specifications This handy grocery pod is essential for your next grocery run! The reusable pod and totes features a subtle tone on tone pattern which gives the bags a trendy appearance. Convenient and reusable, it includes 3 large reusable totes and a carrying pod. inside for all your groceries. When not in use the tote can be effortlessly stuffed into the convenient carrying pod. The pod had ample room to accommodate additional totes so you can carry all your groceries in one trip. Made of 210D poly, the pod & bags are washable and reusable to eliminate those pesky single-use plastic bags. Product Size: Carrying pod: 9”W x 4 ¼”Dia., Tote: 18”W x 17 ½“H x 7”D

Product Small Image   Product Small Image  Product Small ImageProduct Small ImageProduct Small Image Product Small Image


Had A Long Day Working From Home? Time to Relax, Watch TV and Enjoy Your Chocolate Binge Box. You Deserve it!


Did you have a long day working from home? Feeling like you deserve a break and time to relax, maybe watch some TV? We have the perfect gift for you. It is called the Chocolate Binge Box. See below and tell me who can resist this treat.

Loaded with chocolate treats for the perfect day in! This chocolate binge box features 4 delicious chocolate treats with the ability to fully customize the box with a logo. The chocolate Binge Box includes a 4oz. bag of chocolate raisins, 4oz. bag of chocolate cookie dough bites, 1oz. bag of chocolate malt balls and a 1oz. bag of chocolate mini pretzels.

Box Contents:
1 4oz. bag of chocolate raisins
1 4oz. bag of chocolate cookie dough bites
1 1oz. bag of chocolate malt balls
1 1oz. bag of chocolate mini pretzels


Let’s Have Happy Hour Together While Working From Home.

As I sit here pondering and wanting to share my thoughts and ideas with all of you as a promotional products company I came upon some items that should help you smile, relax, have some fun and of course items relating to working from home and safety.

I want to start this blog today, with one of our Cocktail Kits. Being a Gin & Tonic drinker, i decided to make this my first post.

Many of us are working from home.  Happy Hour is an event and/or time now that can be enjoyed without the worries of having to drive home. We can do it alone, with a partner sharing our home or better yet, have a virtual Happy Hour Zoom or other interaction meeting. Let’s start with our Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit. Mine will be with Tanqueray and Tonic.

W&P Gin & Tonic Carry On Cocktail Kit

This kit includes the tools to craft two perfect Gin & Tonics mid-flight
Small-batch tonic syrup, 1/2 oz jigger, a travel-size bar spoon, a recipe card and a linen coaster. Just add the hard stuff and stir
Kit Components: carry on tin, recipe card, bar spoon, 1/2 oz. jigger, tonic syrup, linen coaster.

Hand Wash Only

Little Things Make Big Days!

It’s the little things! A successful day isn’t one where you have to accomplish something big. Something as small as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or knocking off one thing from your to-do list can have a huge impact on your day.little things make big days

PPAI Vegas Clear Bag Still Popular and Needed

Clear bags are still popular and becoming more requested as time goes on. Great for events, concerts, safety (if they can see what is in it they won’t need to take it). Available in all shapes, sizes and even in pocketbook styles.#clearbags #pocketbooks #safety #seeit #mmp



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