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Best Value Heavy Duty Backpacks

Backpacks are one of the most requested bags in the promotional industry along with grocery bags and totes.

These heavy duty backpacks with water bottle pocket has a large main compartment and reasonably priced to fit any budget.

Great item for schools to hand out or drop ship to incoming students. Help them to feel a part of the community early.

Great item for charitable organization, clubs, outreach and more. Keep your brand top of mind.

USA Made Aluminum and Wood Plates and Signs

When you are dealing with a company that has been around for 70 years and is a family-owned 4th generation business, you know are you in good hands.

Dixiline is a trusted company that has been counted on for years for their quality, service and loyalty to their clients. These metal and wood signs bring brand awareness and create a growing visibility.

Together we can create any sign or plate in any shape, any size with full print spot colors up to 30″ x 40″

Let your brand shine.

Stemless Wine Glasses & Pour Amount

Being in the promotional business and loving my wine I cannot help but notice when I am sitting at the bar how the logo is used for the pour. This became a topic of conversation the other day with a friend not in the promotional industry.

Some companies print a line under the logo for measuring the pour, others may use the bottom of the logo, middle or top to use as a measurement. Of course I always prefer the full pour to the top of the logo.

Have you ever noticed how a restaurant or bar decides on your pour?

The Massage Gun and Benefits

The Massage Gun is the perfect incentive, employee recognition and gift item becoming more popular as time goes on.

A great product for those exercising frequently or to just relax after a stressful day sitting at your desk. 4 different attachments and 4 speeds allow this massager to fit all needs.


  • Accelerates warmup and recovery
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Enhances muscle performance
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces soreness
  • Maximizes recovery

AT Cross Tech Pro Active Pen

Everyone is familiar with the company AT Cross which is synonymous with quality high end pens.

The Tech Pro Black Micro-Knurl Fine-tip Active Stylus and Ballpoint Pen with Engraving Panel is their first fine-tip active stylus and ballpoint pen in one.

High performance dual functionality coverts it from a stylus to a pen with one quick twist. Write, scroll and draw with optimized visibility and control using the fine-tip active stylus on any mobile or tech screen.

One pen with 2 functions and high performance.


Employee recognition

Client Gift

Law Firms

Accounting Firms

Insurance and Underwriting Companies

Companies looking for quality gifts

Eco-Friendly Custom Socks Digitally Printed

I love the thought of being sustainable and turning recycled bottles into fully digitally printed socks is new even to me. I am always educating my clients on eco-friendly items. Every little bit helps to save our planet.

Working from home, being home more we like to be comfortable and fashionable. Socks have become the go to promotional item.

These socks have minimums as low as 1 piece which really excites me. You do not have to worry about minimums any more and even the cost is low.

WHY DTG (Direct to Garment Printing) is Better than Sublimated Printing.

Due to high temperatures needed for sublimation, the materials need to be a very thick and plastic feeling polyester. This process also only decorates the top layer of the socks, so when you stretch them you get very annoying white lines below. DTG allows for much better detailed designs ALL over and permeating deep into the socks. It also means we can use better quality cotton or polyester. Seamless printing, no artwork overlap on the sides and no white lines when stretched.

USA Made Pet Products & Apparel

Pet apparel and products are the hottest trend. Any where you go, any town you visit, there will probably be some pet store that you pass beckoning to you to come in to browse, shop and buy.

With over 30 different styles, low minimums and complimentary virtuals our products will stand the test of time. From your basic pet shirts, hoodies, and jackets to collars, leashes, bandanas, hair bows, travel bowls, dog tags and placemats I am sure you are ready to spoil your pet. Consumers spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their pet.

If you are in any industry, Schools, Gift Shops, Casino, Hospitality, Restaurant, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Political or any luxury brand you do not want to miss out on the hottest trend. What can we show you?

Voyageur Carson Backpack by Tumi

Have you ever stopped to wonder what bags a promotional company uses for themselves? In case you have I want to share this backpack above.

The Voyageur Carson Backpack is a bag I use whenever I go somewhere. I take my laptop back and forth from home to office and any time I travel in this bag.

I love the material, the fact that it is lightweight and with comfortable straps that I can wear all day long. The water-resistant water bottle pocket, as well as the quick-access phone pocket makes this my go to bag. It even has a slit pocket behind one of the side pockets to keep an umbrella in and available at all times.

I have to thank my daughter for pointing out all the wonderful features this bag has. It is one thing to see it and learn about the features but it is a totally different experience to see someone use and benefit from all the features it has available. After getting one for her, I couldn’t resist getting one for myself.

What is your go to bag?

USA Made Tumblers-Mix and Match

We all like to feel we have choices. We want to choose our brand, pick our colors and use items that work for us.

These Mix and Match Tumblers allow you to choose your lid and tumbler colors. Factory direct at unbeatable prices and turnaround time.

This can be the product you have been waiting for. Come and get it.

HidrateSpark Steel Smart Water Bottle

This HidrateSparks STEEL water bottle claims to be the world’s smartest water bottle ever created. Made of stainless steel and vacuum insulated it keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours.

The LED smart sensor “puck” glows to remind you when it is time to drink and actually tracks your water intake by syncing via bluetooth to the Hidrate app. Included is a rechargeable battery that lasts 7-10 days. These bottles will fit most standard cup holders and are available in 17 or 21 oz sizes with a chug or straw lid option.

No need any more to worry about how much water you are drinking, this bottle along with it’s own app will tell you.




Exercise enthusiasts

Health enthusiasts

Everyone in need of making sure they are drinking enough water.

GREAT for HEALTH Recognition programs for all companies

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