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Antimicrobial Graphics Great for Door Handles and More

Do you have something that you touch every day and always think twice before you do? Our antimicrobial graphics can be placed on door handles, and desks to help keep you safe and healthy.

Let Everyone Know Your Space is Clean and Safe

We go to the office, we go to school, we even go to restaurants and doctor offices. We all wonder if it is clean and when was it cleaned. Should we sit down, should we touch this? So many questions.

Our dry-erase graphics allows all to fill in the date and time that the area was cleaned. Great for hopsitals, doctor offices and every where you can think.

Sustainable Bags Made from 100% Recycled Materials

We carry a large assortment of sustainable products, especially those made from 100% recycled and biodegradable materials.

Above is an example of a multi purpose briefcase/backpack made from 100% recycled water bottles. We have tablet cases, hip packs, ladies bags and more.

Every purchase made from Solo trees are planted through a partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

Sustainable, giving back and saving our Earth is what we are all about.

Bamboo Recipe Box the Perfect Gift

I love to cook. I love my family traditional recipes, trying new ones, the healthy ones, the ones not so healthy and all in between. Yes we can get them online and many times I do but the ones from family and friends, the ones I use all the time and the new ones I want to keep, I save in a recipe box like this.

In these times of staying at home, cooking more and looking for a more personal gift to drop ship I love this idea. Include a personal recipe or two, create a recipe chain, and include some cooking utensils to complete the package. Oven mitts, spatulas, and measuring cups are perfect.

Recipes are a treasure, write them down, share them and save them in a speacial box. Recipes are an item that are passed from generation to generation more than most items.. You can even do a family Zoom cooking experience.

85% of Promotional Products Recipients Remember Who They Came From

People that receive a useful promotional product will keep them for an average of 5 years. A bag tote or grocery, tech product or apparel will be used and seen over and over again giving constant visibility to your brand.

We always encourage our clients to save up and purchase a branded product that will be used and appreciated. Instead of buying 1 or a few less expensive items, save and purchase 1 item that will be used often and appreciated. They will always remember where it came from.

4 Way Stretch, Water Repellent Chambray Windshirt-USA

I couldn’t resist mentioning these USA made Chambray windshirts that are made with 4 way stretch fabric, water repellent and wind resistant.

Available in crew, quart zip and full zip these shirts are made for comfort and wearable in most temperature environments.

We carry a full line of USA made apparel in different styles, and materials. Made for comfort.

Binders Did You Know

Binders come in Different styles, materials and have different usages.

Turned Edge Binders, top left, have the material turned over the edge of the clipboard for a clean smooth edge and can be made from material like a library book.

Litho Turned Edge Binders are great for fine graphics and 4/Color Process artwork. Both are suitable for foil stamping or debossing and give high-end options that form a lasting impression.

Indstries for the Turn Edge Binders are Engineering/Architectural Firms, Attorney’s and Small to Mid Size Businesses.

Vinyl Binders, top middle, are made from vinyl and heat sealed around the solid chipboard. They are foil stamped or printed 4/Color process and come in a wide variety of materials.

Industries for vinyl binders are Insurance Companies, Sales Offices and Realtors.

Poly Binders, top right, are constructed from polyethylene of polypropelyne and available in different thicknesses good for silk screening or printing digitally.

Industries for Poly Binders are Schools, Transportation and Logistic Companies, Non-Proift and Social Associations

Paper Binders above are made from laminated 18pt C1S paper and can be offset printed, foils tamped or embossed. There are many templates to choose from with a variety of rings capacitites, reinforeced edges and pocket configurations.

Industries for paper binders are Cancer Care Centers or Doctors Offices, Businesses and Human Resources Departments and Financial and Wealth Manager Planners

56% of Consumers Choose USB Drives Over a Power Bank

Power banks and USB drives feel like they are equally requested and ordered from us. It is interesting to learn in this article how much more popular the USB really is.

As employees move around more today working remote on some days and in the office others, having a flash drive that you can keep your files on and take back and forth makes a lot of sense. I believe popularity will only increase.

It is amazing to learn that the average USB promotional item is kept for an average of 13 months. That means your logo, your brand will stay top of mind for more than 1 year.

Truckers and Delivery Personal Need Protection Too

During the pandemic delivery of packages has increased. Carrying boxes on top of boxes can be hard on the hands causing calluses, rough hands, cuts and more.

Keep your hands covered, especially as the cold weather approaches. The holiday season is fast approaching with an anticipation of more boxes and more deliveries. Keep them soft and healthy with our assortment of gloves.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Protected

4-Way Chambray Shirt-USA

Dress Shirts with 4 way stretch make them comfortable, casual for work or play and easy to wear. Stretch material apparel are not just for women. 4.2 oz, 92/8 Poly Spandex

These shirts come in assorted colors, in long and short sleeve and are USA made. Perfect for your virtual meetings and comfort.

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