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Tie Dye Trucker Hats – New Trend

Looking for a hat? Like Tie-Dye? Thinking of a more stylish and trendy cap?

our Tie-Dye caps will help you stand out, be fashionable and comfortable.

Available in many colors.

New Stress Reliever Push Pop Toy

Remember the fidget spinner and how popular they were? Now you have the push pop toy.

The Stress Reliever Push Pop Spinner Toy combines both fun and learning into one. It not only improves cognitive thinking and hand-eye coordination, but also allows children to establish learning strategies and adults to relieve stress and decompress. Take it with you in cars, airplanes, restaurants, camping, schools, doctor’s offices and other places. Made with premium quality food-grade silicone material. BPA-Free. Imprinting available. 3.8″ D

The perfect on the go stress and fun filled stress reliever. We are already filling lots of orders for this item. And for around $1 it can’t be beat. Great for all ages.

Mug and Bowl Lunchtime Gift Set

We are very busy now helping our clients offer welcome back to the office items. This is an all time favorite I want to share with all.

This set that comes with 2 containers, are leakproof and made of break-resistant plastic. Take your morning cereal and your afternoon soup and be ready for the day with all your healthy nutrients.

Add a lunch bag and make the welcome kit complete

Tie-Dye, Oversized Apparel, Jogger Silhouettes – Popular on Campus this Fall

This fall, we anticipate an increase in requested collegiate apparel like T-shirts, hoodies, fleece and hats.

Athletic apparel in synthetic fabrics from brands like Under Armour and Nike is popular along with a trend towards premium cottons and blends. Bella +_ Canvas rates high in this area.

In addition to T-shirts, always popular, another big trend on campus is relaxed-fit apparel in the size and shape of baggy and oversized clothing.

School colors remain hot but secondary colors will play a major role for the first time, if you school branding allows some leeway with their standards. Bright shades like orange, yellow or pink along with tie-dye will continue to be strong.

Comfortable clothing like joggers that became over increasingly popular during the pandemic will continue into 2021.

With the fatigue of Zoom, students are turning more to talking on the phone, and still want to be comfortable.

Apothecary Jars Have Many Uses – USA

Remember the apothecary Jar? Always on counters, always on desks, always in the home.

Let me count the ways of these USA made jars.


Keep them on your desk with candy in them for yourself and to share

Keep them on your desk to use as a pencil holder

Keep them in your bathroom and use to display decorative soaps

Keep them in your bathroom for Que-Tips

Use them to hold your special spices for easy access when cooking

Place your favorite tea leaves in them

Use them to hold cookies ready for a treat


When was the first glass apothecary bottle made?It was produced in England from 1744 until ca. 1900 in similar pear-shaped bottles, making precise dating difficult. Probable dates, 1850-1890. Glass and ceramic apothecary containers are far more elegant

Apothecary jars come in many shapes, sizes traditional and in decorative shapes with decorative tops

Hot Trends & Cool Ideas

glow-in-the-dark ink t-shirt

Glow in the dark prints and embroidery is the hot trend. Decorations on the left chest and sleeve are the popular locations for decorating using this technique.

One of the fastest growing industries and one that could have the most interest in this print is the gaming industry. Gamers can hit the lights and still radiate on-screen with Glow in the Dark finishing.

I predict all those in the entertainment industry and creators of apps, tech, start-ups and creators of dance music, and festival organizers being a fan of the glow in the dark print.

Fashion forward is what all of these companies have a passion for.

Become a part of the new trend and order your next shirt or hoodie with Glow in the Dark print. Great for School and teams.

Quisinart – A Brand that Stands Apart

My house is filled with Cuisinart cookings items. My most used item is my Quisinart Blender.

These Cuisinart Petite Gourmet Portable Gas Grills are compact and high-performance which is what theya re known for.

Although the grill is compact, the grate is large enough to cook 8 steaks, 8 hamburgers, 6-10 chicken breasts or over 4lbs of fish.

Using much less gas than the average full size grill, and heating up quickly, this is the perfect item to use in your backyard and small enough to take to the beach, tailgating and campsites.

What are you waiting for. I am going to get this and add it to my Cuisinart collection.

Time to Relax Both Inside and Out

Are you having last minute company? Looking for some furniture that will not take up much room when they leave? We have the solution for you.

Companies and entertainment companies that like to set up a comfortable lounge space are the perfect people for this item.

Our Air Lounge Set comes complete with chair, sofa, ottoman and of course the electric pump that is needed to inflate them. Order now and save $100.

These also make great gifts for those with an RV and on the road. Takes up little room, easy to set up and comfortable to use. I bet my brother and nephews will want one.

Colorblock Polos-Ready when You are

Summer teams and camps all love to wear performance apparel. Those made of polyester that are moisture-wicking with BLU-X-Dri protection, stain release and snag/wrinkle resistant with antimicrobial features make these polos that much more special.

Before you know it, it is already starting, schools will be looking to order apparel for the new school year. Think school teams, gyms and more.

Colorblock shirts are one of the most requested apparel items we get and they are not always easy to come by. These shirts come with your branding colors. Think Red/Black, Black/Graphite/ Graphite/Black, Safety Orange/Graphi, Royal Blue/Black and Optic Yellow/Black.

These shirts are made with everything you could possibly want in a shirt for comfort, easy care and protection. Order yours now while there is inventory. Sizes come in Small – 4XL. Win Win all around!

J America Visors

Visors are great for those that want to shade their eyes without wearing sunglasses and don’t want to wear a full baseball style cap.

I remember watching my daughter play tennis on the middle school and high schools varsity tennis teams. People were always amazed and commented how well she played while wearing a visor or cap.

Visors are great headwear that are meant to be warn while keeping you comfortable, cool and protected.

Buying a retail brand like J America adds value. One size fits all.

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