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Grand Travel TSA Backpack (UBN780-10 Travel Computer Backpack

Are you looking for a backpack that does it all?

One item to hold your computer, clothes, accessories plus?

Our TSA Backpack makes it easy for local trips, domestic and international trips.

Any travel accessory that makes going through airport security less of a pain is a good investment. You can fit up to 30L of stuff into the main compartment of this backpack, and it boasts a separate slot big enough for a 17.3-inch laptop — so pulling out your devices at the TSA checkpoint can be done a lot faster. There is a back panel to slide the bag onto your suitcase handle, as well as tons of carry handles to make it super easy to grab and go.

Puzzles in a Box

I always loved puzzles and I still do,

When my girls were much younger the end of year gift for the school grade was many times a custom puzzle in box creating a picture of the class.

The children and adults always loved the gift.

An item they could play with.

An item to create memories.

An item to hold on to.

Times haven’t changed.

People of all ages love games and puzzles.

That will never change.

Cooking Tablet Stand For Cookbooks and Tablets with Boards

Our Acacia Wood Tablet Cooking Stand by Twine is perfect for the Charcuterie Books I posted yesterday.

Use them to hold your tablet or cookbook and/or use them as a cutting board. You get the best of both worlds with this sustainable and usable wood piece.

Pair it with a charcuterie board and you have the perfect match to give as a gift or use for yourseld.

I think I will get one of each.

I just love the way a board can hold as much or as little as you want, holds a variety of different and colorful foods, and makes the perfect entertainment piece.

Custom Cast Iron Skillets

Employee Recognition, Home Gifts, Cooking at it’s Best, Show Your Brand

Everyone is always looking for something different, something unique, something to stay top of mind and remembered.

Every time the recipient of these skillets cooks with this item, they will always think of you.

Seasoned and ready for use, over time, they darken up and become a utility items passed down generation to generation.

With NO MINIMUMS, order just 1 piece, and NO SET UPS, this makes the perfect wedding, realtor and home gift.

Ask us to learn more, I love this item.

USA – Graduation Stuffed Teddy Bear

Before you know it, graduation will be upon us.

This 11″ plush bear, dressed up in a black graduation cape along with a graduation cap with tassel makes the perfect gift for the graduate.

Personalized them and make them extra special.

Great for schools and students of all ages.

Order them before they are out of stock.

This is a very popular item and I wanted to share it with you early.

Laser Engraved Bamboo Easels

I used to have an acrylic cookbook holder years ago that finally broker and was never replaced.

I products that have multiple purposes, are sustainable and of course practical.

The sustainable bamboo easels can be used for cutting and holding your cookbooks or tablets.

Engraved with your logo or personalized to give it that personalized touch, these make the perfect gift for anyone that like to cook.

Or just hang it for decorations.

Great gift ideas for realtors.

Live, Love Laugh Yourself, Others and Home

Everyone loves the scent and flavors of home backed cookies.

Handing out these cinnamon spice packages make great gifts for the home and events.

Do you hold cooking/baking classes ? These will make great leave behinds and giveaways to be remembered and top of mind.

Are you having an open house? Have some baked cookies on hand and leave these cinnamon packages as a reminder of the home they just saw.

Creating a zoom baking class? Send these before to add to the Zoom experience.

Cinnamon is know to have many healthy benefits, see below

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Cinnamon

  • Contains powerful medicinal properties. …
  • Loaded with antioxidants. …
  • May have anti-inflammatory properties. …
  • Could protect against heart disease. …
  • Could improve sensitivity to insulin. …
  • Helps lower blood sugar levels. …
  • May have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases.

There are many other spices to choose from for your special needs.

Custom branded packaging adds to the memory of the experience and a remember every time they use the spice.

Employee Awards – Feel Like A Champion

Employee recognition is more important today than every before.

We all want to feel appreciated, noticed, and acknowledged.

Presenting your team with an Olympic size medal that can be worn, kept and presented in a clear package and / or framed in a shadow box is sure to be noticed and appreciated.

Made in the USA, you do not have to worry about inventory or production times.

Acrylic and crystal awards, plaques and gifts are all great ways to show your appreciation to your employees.

Adding a touch of the Olympics to your team adds something new to present and give.

What’s New – These Stainless Tumblers

This year a lot of new drinkware and tumblers were shown at PPAI.

These 30 oz stainless steel insulated mugs with swivel handle and built in straw are perfect to take with you where ever you to.

The durable powder coating gives it a comfortable touch and feel.

With an easy grip handle, drinking straw, and large imprint area, you will be the envy of everyone.

Elemental Coffee Shirt Made From Coffee Grounds

If you know us at all, you know that we are passionate about helping our clients brand with sustainable items and helping to save our planet.

We are also passionate about working with companies that give back to others, and Elemental give back a portion of each purchase to different charities including Charity Water, Beautify and Alzheimer’s Association.

We also love partnering with other sustainable companies helping to bring the best of branded merchandise and eco-friendly products to you.

These shirts are:

Lightweight and silky smooth

Moisture wicking



Made from 50% coffee grinds ad 50% recycled PET.

Let us brand and work together to save our planet.

Sent us your logo and we are happy to create a virtual for you.

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