S’mores-The Perfect Summer Treat!

Whether in your backyard, tailgating outdoors, picnicking or even indoors, most everyone loves S’mores. In large sizes for family and friends to share or individual packets, these are great food treats for yourself or as a mailer. Have a Zoom call while making y our S’mores. Let’s have some fun!

PPE Essential Stay Safe Kit

Are you going back to the office? Working from home, and or commuting. These PPE kits are an essential and very affordable. Each kits comes in a drawstring bag with mask, gloves and hand sanitizer. They make a great giveaway when events open up and a very welcome back to the office gift. As low as $5.25, you cannot afford not to have one.

Return Me!

People are working from home, working in the office and right now in most cases they are working at both the home and in the office. Students may be on different routine’s once the new school year is upon us. All this coming and going, change of routine’s and adjusting to the new norm is not easy for anyone. It is during these instances when people are more prone to losing or leaving things behind. In the car, on the bus or train or even in school or the office. Oh no, don’t panic, we are here to help you with our ReturnMe items. Luggage tages, dog tags and labels that can stick on any item. Just register your tag or label when you get it. If you lose that item, all the finder has to do is call the number on the tag or label. The receipient is then given a reward and the owner gets back the item they left behind. This is one of the way we help our clients. New and innovative ideas that work!

Safety Vests-Welcome Back Construction

Construction is back and everyone is working hard. It is important to make sure you are seen in all weather and lighting. We need our employees to be safe. Safety green, safety yellow and safety orange. Vests, hard hats, safety goggles, work shirts, work pants, jackets and caps are available here. All year long we provide and care for you.

-Ansi Class 2 Safety Vest

-2 Pockets

-2 Tone Contrast Tape

-Color: Safety Green Only

-Material: All Solid Only

Help Support Your Employees While Thanking them for for All they Do!

There is no better time than today to thank your employees for all that they do. Working from home or going into the office or place of business, everyone is is working and doing everything differently today to stay safe. Show your support and appreciation with our personalized American Express gift cards. Looking for another company gift card? We carry them all. Even $5.00 is appreciated if you do not have much to share. It is the thought that counts.

Custom Tap Handles Help Brewers Stand Out

Tap Handles

Unique products and building brand awareness is essential for Craft Breweries. These custom and colorful handles stand out in crowded marketplaces, breweries and restaurants. With restaurants and bars mostly outdoors today, they stand out even brighter. Tap handles are the first and most important branding item any brewery can have. Competition is fierce in most industries but the craft beer business is even tougher. Did you realize that promotional product companies provide these services as well? You would be hard pressed to find an item we do not carry.

Moist Expanding Cleaning Towel-a must have



Wow, cleaning towels on the go. Each of our pill cases holds 6 moist cleaning towels. Just add water and watch them expand to 8.5″ x 8.75″ . Never be without a towel again. With a full color imprintand for less than $1. How can you possibly go wrong. Hurry before prices increase and they realize what a deal this is.

Lunch Kits, Utensils Great for the Dorm, Apartment, Home, or office

2122_group wka-mc15_thumb 250 (9)

Space is tight, money can be tight, cooking areas can be tight so let’s be smart and get rid of those old fashion metal stacking bowls and measuring cups and switch to collapsible items. The measuring cups shown here open and closed and is a great item that takes up little space. In a large kitchen, small apartment, office lunchroom or school dorm, this is a handy item to keep on hand. Don’t forget the silicone spatulas in assorted colors are great for scraping the bowl or that peanut butter jar trying to get every last bit.  And don’t forget the collapsible lunch boxes that take up little room hold a lot and are sustainable using it over and over again.

The Luci -Candle Solar Powered Lantern

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and we are staying outside more and later. These Luci Candles are completely flameless solar lights that are safe and clean to use while providing hours of light. 12 hours to be exact. These candles are waterproof and submersible with a IP67 rating. Use them on a porch, on patios, in parks or camping. In other words, take them every where you go. No batteries needed.


Exercising at Home!

If you don’t know this about me by now, let me tell you. I have always loved exercising and always use it to stretch and get moving, tone up, destress and relax. In fact there probably isn’t any exercise except running that I do not like. But I do love my power walks. I have most types of exercise equipment at home and yes, even have a Peloton.

Looking to stay in shape? Let us help you. What is your favorite form of exercise? We want to hear.

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