June is Safety Awareness Month and Construction has Resumed

When you are working with or in construction, safety is always a top of mind. Now more than ever we have to stay mindful and protected. Above are only a sampling of products we can offer you. Stay safe! Stay well! How can we help you?

Add Protection to Your Printed Piece

There is a new norm today. There has always been concern with touching things and getting germs, any germs. Especially in public places or items that change many hands. I believe we are all going to be a lot more cautious about what we touch and how we handle things. Our Antimicrobial Coating for Print jobs is the solution for you. Reach out to us next time you need a printed piece and let us help keep safe. info@mmpromos.com

Masks-So Many Out There, How do You Decide?

Made in the USA.  Made in China. One-time use or Washable and Reusable. Non-woven material, 2-ply double knit cotton, 1 ply cotton, 2 ply cotton, 3 ply cotton. With nose piece, with filter. How do you decide? Should you wear a mask? A bandana? A gator, multi use headwear? It can be daunting. Every day we get more options, more emails, more suppliers sending us mask information.

You have to decide what you are more comfortable with and how often you need to wear a mask. Are you going to the store once a week or two? Then maybe the disposable ones are for you with faster turnaround times and least expensive. Maybe you want to support the USA and work with a trusted company. Or maybe you want an item that can double as a scarf, headband and mask to wear when you do not need a mask any more. Do yo want your logo or brand image on them? We will be wearing masks for a long while I believe. Soon MMP will have out own branded masks to give to our family, friends and clients.

Buy your masks from a trusted, reliable and knowledgeable company. A company that is living and breathing masks and options like us. Every day, every minute inventory changes, prices change and it is always on a first come, first serve basis. Let us help you make an educated decision and purchase.

It’s Friday and Today we Have the Arnold Palmer Kit

Today is Friday and Happy Hour Time. Are you still having those Happy Hour Zoom calls? These Arnold Palmer kits are the perfect gift item. Send them and share them and relax together. Have them virgin or with an added kick. The perfect item for all. Let us handle the mailing for you. Hope I can join in your next call.

Non Contact Key Tool or Stylus?

We are constantly being offered the non contact key tool item for our clients. The idea is to not have to touch doors, keypads and more. This is a great idea and we do get interest on it. But then we have the good old tried and true pen that will be even more popular as time goes on. No one wants to take a pen from a cup any more that has been touched and used over and over again. Everyone wants their own to be carried with them at all times. The STYLUS pen will and can be used to write with, touch keypads with and to press any buttons. I am curious to know, which item do you prefer? Which one would you want? Please share and let us know.

Stylus Pens-You Don’t Want to Touch Anything Else

Remember those days of walking into an office, grabbing a pen from the cup and filling out forms? I predict this will not be popular moving forward. No one wants to touch a pen that someone else recently used and put back. Everyone is going to want their own pen, and what better pen than one that doubles as a pen and stylus preventing you from having to touch things with your own fingers. Use the stylus pen for keypads, elevator buttons and more. The ever popular pen has now become essential to us all.

Perfect Time For a Sale! Thank You and I Care!

Our Front Line people have been working hard supplying us with healthcare, food and so much more. Employees are working hard to help people and keep companies alive and viable. There is no better way to send a thank you package showing them that they are not forgotten, cared for and loved.

This RuMe Choco-Love kit is the perfect item. Originally as low as $16.37, you can get these NOW for ONLY $9.99 for as few as 40 pieces. Choice of RuMe patterns.

Take advantage now before prices rise.

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