Walnut Cutting Boards

Walnut gives the feeling of warmth, while showing rich wood tones.

It is beautiful, functional and they make the perfect gift for employees and clients.

FREE set up

FREE personalization

FREE copy changes

Make it personal for that special someone.

Barware Gift Sets

This is the time of year to celebrate and enjoy family, friends, and associates.

Share the good times, celebrate everyone.

Our gift set includes a pair of wine glasses with opener, drink rocks, and more.

Customize them any way that you like to work with all budgets.


How Do You Like Your Favorite Spirit Drink?

The holiday time and gift giving season is upon us.

So is the celebrating and sharing of good times.

Do you like your drinks on the rocks, or neat, straight up?

Deep etched glasses with your company branding on them make perfect gifts to be used time and time again.

A gift that is used and shared to create special moments are the best gift you can give.

Stay top of mind, stay remembered.

Etched Globe Glassware

I am concerned with the changes in our planet and always try to promote sustainable ways to help.

It only makes sense to share this etched globe glassware set depicting the Globe.

Beautiful etched artwork with lead-free glass decanter, antique bronze metal stand, 2 matching tumblers, with glass and cork stopper.

Beautiful and elegant in all ways.

It is holiday season, and these would make a very welcome gift.

Swell Branded Water Bottle Gifts

Don’t be fooled by imitations, there is only one S’well. Give your client and employees the value they deserve this season.

Triple-layer water bottle include vacuum-insulated, high-grad 18/8 stainless steel bottles to keep your favorite beverage cold

or hot.

Superior performance, sleek silhouette and an extensive collection of beautiful designs make S’well the perfect gift choice for custom and corporate gifting.

Beverage Lovers Gift Set

Are you in the food and beverage industry?

Do you provide virtual events where you want to send a swag package that is useful and appreciated?

Are you looking for that perfect holiday gift?

Maybe you just want to send a special package that will keep you top of mind.

These branded drinkware gift sets are perfect for wineries, corporations, and everyone that wants to let people know you appreciate them.

It is not too late to get your holiday gifts.

Available in red, blue, silver and white, we want to help you show your appreciation and feel appreciated in return.

Super Light Down Tech Hooded Jacket

It is that time of year when the weather starts getting cooler and everyone starts thinking about their winter wardrobe.

In fact, jackets are one of the top 5 searches we are seeing on our website today.

These reversed zipper, water repellent, stitch-through, sporty jackets are a great find for everyone.

With 90% duck down, 10% duck feathers, washed to EU-standard and water repellent, they make a great employee gift and branded uniform.

Window And New Car Bows

Have you ever wondered where everyone gets the bows you see on a new car in the car dealership or maybe in a driveway when someone gets a surprise car?

They get it from us.

Only kidding, but not really. We do provide all kinds of products and YES we also can supply these huge bows that look great

sitting on top of a car on used as a large window display.

This is something different people do not usually think of when thinking of a promotional distributor and thought I would share this with you.

Woodland Plaid Throw Blanket

Stay warm and cozy these upcoming months.

There are plaid blankets and then there is the Woodland Plaid Blanket! The difference?

Our blanket is made with extra-soft brushed velvet that provides exceptional comfort on the red/black plaid side. Couple that with the black material on the reverse side that is as cozy as lamb’s wool and you have a coveted combination.

This 50” x 70” Luxury Size heirloom blanket will look just as enticing draped over a couch or by a campfire. Features a hidden zipper compartment that conceals embroidery backing. Packaged in vinyl carrying case

Beach Towel Facts

Beach Towel popularity has soared in popularity 2017

They last an average of 15 years

One size fits all


Large selection in a variety of prices

Minimums as low as 18 pieces

What more could you ask for?

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