Electric Candle Lighter

A lighter without a flame? A lighter with no butane?

9″ Electric Lighters create a tiny electric arc, hot enough to light anything a normal lighter can. No flames, no butane! Completely Windproof and rechargeable. The Electric Candle Lighter has a long neck, great for lighting hard to reach wicks, BBQs, and stoves around the home, deck, and backyard. Comes in a gift box with a micro USB cord.

These lighters are safe to travel with and make great gifts for everyone.

Click on this link and see for yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm-3vJUHrj0

8496 Craftsman Thermal Hood for the Construction Industry

This Thermal Hood is made from 80% Cotton/20% Polyester, 10.5oz (Outer) and Polythermal inner lining 7 oz (Inner). With contrast lining and attached drawstring hood with brass YKK Zipper front and deep open pouch pockets, this is a great items to wear when working outside.

Are you in the construction industry? Do you, your company and/or employees work outside during the cold month.

This is a great employee and uniform item sure to be appreciated and used.

Brand these jackets with your logo and be seen and stay top of mind.

Ridge Yoga Bag the Perfect Yoga Bag

There is always a way to find time for fitness, exercise and relaxation. If you are not finding that time now, I suggest you try to find it.

Yoga keeps your body toned, strong, stretched and at the same time it can give you a sense of calm and control. I try to do yoga a couple of times a week and always feel better afterwards.

This yoga bag keeps your yoga mat secure, and includes zippered compartments to hold clothes, towels and personal belongings. Use the mesh pocket to carry your water bottle.

Thing healthy, think energized, think renew.

Great for employee health and fitness programs.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure influences many important characteristics of vehicle performance, such as driving comfort, directional stability, cornering and braking grip, plus the general handling behavior.

Driving with incorrect tire pressure will have a negative influence on one or more of these important characteristics.

It is important to monitor tire pressure with frequency to ensure optimal performance.

Do you work with car dealerships? Tire companies? Transportation companies? Auto repair shops or even companies dealing with safety? This is the perfect item for all of you

Full Color Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle with full color imprint is a great giveaway for people of all ages. Hand it out to your clients to solve hidden messages or promo codes. The puzzle comes unsolved and individually polybagged. Puzzle Features: Interactive. Full Color Print. Promote your business in a fun way! Grey Back Puzzle Board. Comes with a 5×7 16pt Full Color Card. Puzzle Thickness is .059. Comes with 42 pieces. For all Ages. 3rd Imprint Option: Cutline: 5″w x 7″h (Rounded Corners)

When my girls were in grade school, we used to take class pictures and distribute them to the classes as puzzles. It was always a huge success and became tradition for years.

Happy Thanksgiving – Thank You All

I want to thank everyone in my life.

My family, my friends, my employees, my clients, thank you for your love, your friendship, your support.

Eco-Friendly Umbrellas that Give Back

It takes 5 – 9 plastic water bottles to make our RPET umbrellas.

Our umbrella handles are also made from recycled water bottles or bamboo, a sustainable resource.

Even our straps are made from recycled bottles.

When you purchase these umbrellas, you are not only being sustainable, you are helping to save our planet while giving back to the rainforests.

Custom Luxury Bags

Custom bags, USA made or overseas, we like to say, have it your way.

Do you have a bag you are thinking of getting with your brand on it?

We can help you design your bag in any budget, for all occasions.

It is time to step up and show y our brand with retail style.

Nebula & Mercury Concrete & Resin Awards

These polished resin and concrete awards make the perfect gift and award for construction and construction related industries. With free setups, free personalization, free copy changes and free art services, everyone is a winner.

Compostable Drinkware in White or Clear

Whether taking out, eating inside restaurants or even for use in the home I hope you are using Eco-friendly cups. Help us clean up the planet and save waste.

Our cups available in assorted sizes in both Clear or White are made of annually renewable resources. These recycled clear cups are completely compostable in approximately 50 days.

Build brand awareness, help save our Earth with these cups which also comply with Prop 65.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.

Can we hep educate someone you know with our sustainable products? Info@mmpromos.com

16 Oz. Eco-Friendly Solid White Cups - The 500 Line
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