Employee Recognition

I love these employee years of service awards above.

Available in your choice of colors, get them as a stand, a desk or shelf piece or create a puzzle award to be added on throughout the years.

Fun, personable, USA made. What more can you ask for?

Celebrate an employee today and make them happy, make them feel special.

Seeing a happy face is all we all ever want and need.

Say it Once, Say it Twice-Time to Order Your Holiday Gifts

There is nothing like cuddling up in your favorite blanket and hoodie with your favorite hot drink weather it is coffee, tea or a hot toddy.

Personalized holiday gifts that include one or all of the above are great ideas for you, your clients, and your friends.

In thinking positive, I want to help and remind you to start thinking and placing your orders soon.

Inventory is tighter, production takes longer and shipping it not always the most dependable these days.

We want to make sure you have everything you need, when you want it.

Yoga Mats Come in Many Sizes

Are you an exercise person? Do you like to run, bike, lift weights, do cardio and/or maybe yoga?

I love all exercises except I walk fast instead of running. We all have our differences.

Exercise is important not only for the body, but for the mind and soul as well.

I believe in meditating and that it is as important as everything else.

It took me years, many years, too many years before I learned how to breathe correctly and meditate.

Yoga mats come in different thicknesses and are great for yoga, pure barre classes, lifting weights, meditating and of course stretching.

Please make sure to stretch at least once every day. I usually stretch in the morning when I wake up.

These folding yoga mats are 4mm textured PVC, 24 ” W x 67″ H open and 12″W x 10″ H x 2″ D when folded.

Durable and portable these mats easily fit into a tote bag or backpack. My daughter travels with her folding yoga mat.

Please note yoga mats are best used without footwear.

Clocks – By the Bed or On a Desk

I may be old fashion but I still like my clocks. Especially the one I keep by my bed that projects the time onto my ceiling.

Retro item are popular again. In fact, they may have always been in style

This Bulova Clock, retail and name brand tell you that it is high quality, with a chrome finish and metal case. Just like olden days, the hour and minute hands luminate. Yes, you will have to key wind this clock every 36 hours

Did I hear you say that you love this item? I know I do.

In fact I was reading in the paper today that millenniums are now into items from the past, even going into their parent’s attics looking for item from the past.

Are you having a retro event? Remembrance event? This is the perfect item for you.

Halloween Trick or Treat – Are You Ready?

Before you know it, it will be time for Halloween.

Will you be staying around your neighborhood? Your building? Your streets? Maybe the Mall?

We have you covered with the perfect bag to collect your treats.

Whether you are looking for a simple die cut bag or shopper style we have you ready to go out and have some fun. We deserve it. All of us.

Remember to order, inventory, production and shipping is a little more challenging these days. But we are ready, willing and able to help you get ready.

It is Time to Think about the Holiday Gifting Season

stromberg banner

We know you want to make it special. We know you want it to be perfect and personable.

Let us help you create the perfect holiday, employee and welcome gift packages, dropped shipped to the recipient’s home.

We can work within all budgets making it personable for your exact needs. Include a card to add that personable touch.

Remember inventory is tight, delivery takes longer, do not think to long and act fact if you want these before the holiday season.

The time is now.

Babies Wear Promotional Items, too

Apparel for Babies and young children are great promotional items for Hospitals, Schools and State Agencies.

Onesies, Sleep Sacks, Bibs, Beanies, Sleep Gowns, Blankets and Burp Cloths make perfect branding.

For your newborn, your grandchild, as a gift, alumni or to show your favorite brand, these are perfect for many institutions and have many uses.

All clothing is government approved for safety and printed with government approved inks to keep your child safe.

Embroidery Thread Made from Recycled Bottles

Madeira USA embroidery thread is now being made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Energy Saving production process

Robust, consistent and shiny colors

Smae tension as standard Polyneon #40

Excellent performance on industrial embroidery machines

Stand up to commercial laundering and chlorine

There is no reason your entire apparel and finishing process cannot be totally sustainable.

We can help you brand your company while helping to save our planet.

Wrist Bands for All

Tyvek wristbands are popular and used in all industries. Think of parks and water parks, events, schools and hospitals.

We can print a one color or full vibrant, photographic image onto the wristband and customizes them for your company and event.

Different colors can be used for different levels of sponsorship and entry to different parts of the event. Customize them, number them, bands have many uses.

2oz Travel Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Beads


Hand sanitizers are always in style, and now more than ever.

New aromatic hand sanitizers with moisturizing beads contain vitamins A & C to help keep you skin smooth. With all the sanitizing we are doing today, these will help keep your hands from drying out.

Available in fragrances of Lavender, Citrus, Berry and Sandalwood, now you can smell good while moisturizing.

Available also in 1oz, 2 oz, and 16 oz.

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