USA Made Flags

Flags have always been a popular item for us to supply for our clients.

Street banner flags, wave flags, corporate flags as well as state flags are only a small sampling of flags that are available.

Pennant flags are very popular with schools and sport teams.

Wave your brand and hold it high and don’t forget our flags are USA made.

Resort Pack Make It Pop

Looking for a getaway gift, essential item?

One of our most popular products is this packable backpack that folds up into the pouch shown above. Lightweight, comfortable with a large imprint area on the pouch and can hold up to 20 lbs.

The NeoSkin Soft Cover Journal with document holder on interior back cover is another one of our most popular items.

Now add the Veneno Silver ballpoint pen with matching color accent. for a complete package and have everything you need for a day on the go.

You can have this complete set for as low as $28.50.

Get them all together or individually.

Smart Headbands

We exercise all year round but when the weather gets warmer, many of us start heading outdoors more for walking, running, hiking, biking and more.

I always wear a headband when I exercise. I find it keeps me drier and cooler.

These Smart Tiers Headbands are absorbent and moisture wicking.

Branding is easy with these headbands thanks to the large imprint area.

Stay healthy while showing your brand.

Pool Noodles with Full Color Graphics

Pool Noodles your way.

Are you in the hospitality business? Water Park, Resort or Hotel, School Pool, YWCA or YMCA or other organization with a pool?

Our full color noodles gives you a HUGE imprint area to show off your brand.

Use them indoors. Use them outdoors. Use and show off your brand everywhere.

This is a fun and safe item for everyone.

We can all use a little more fun this year.

ID Zipper Pouch Wallets

These ID zipper pouch wallets have always been popular and ordered from us but sometimes requests for certain items come in waves and dips.

Until recently we have not been ordering many of these ID wallets for our clients but they are becoming more popular again as people return to schools, offices and just to keep around.

I always get huge applause and praise when we supply the wallets and felt I needed to share and remind everyone what a great item this is.

MAGLITE Flashlights

Some things never go out of style and Maglites are one of them.

They have been around for as long as I can remember, and that is longer than I may want to admit.

Maglite flashlights come in many sizes and colors.

Get them as a single mini, full size flashlight, rechargeable systems or in a nice case, my favorite.

Great for all businesses like construction, transportation and more.

Everyone should have a flashlight with them in the home, office and car.

I never travel without a flashlight, you never know when you may need one.

Maglites are the most efficient and dependable flashlights you could ever own.

Card Multi Tools

Do you own or work for a delivery service? Transportation company?

Our multi tool cards come in various shapes and sizes ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Made of stainless steel and containing multiple features this tool has it all for you.

Wrench slots, butterfly wrench, rope cutter, wire stripper, screwdrivers, bottle opener, straight edge ruler and carabiner clip along with a box cutter, what more could you possibly need.

Great item for those on the road, on a hiking or camping trip or just about any occasion.

Inflatables, A Fun Way to Get Attention

You see them in the street, in front of a store, at a fair or just to promote attention

What could be more fun than creating your own custom inflatable with your bran while adding a smile to everyone’s face.

Available in various sizes and custom print, you are sure to draw attention where ever you are.

As low as $160 each.

Get noticed.

Comfort Neck Fans

This is one of the hottest products of the season.
The hanging Cool Breeze hanging neck fan is perfect for the office, outdoor activities like the gym, golfing, running, walking or hiking.

This 3 fan speed lets you control the amount of cool air you need.

Great large imprint area to show your brand.

I just ordered mine today, when are you ordering yours?

Advertising For Small Spaces

You don’t always need a lot of space to advertise your brand, tell your story or market a new product.

Banners and displays are great for trade shows and events but we do not always have a lot of room for our message.

Banners and displays can be used to divide small spaces while making it fun, artsy and creative.

Signage is used in all ways, in all spaces and always a great way to advertise or just show who you are.

Remember, they do not always have to be big.

Small can be just as impactive.

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