The Dirty Cookie Shot

You have worked hard all week and deserve a treat. These are the perfect party or splurge item to start your weekend to unwind. These 1.5oz chewy cookies are delicious and even better when you fill them with your favorite beverage. It is a full SIP and BITE experience. Made fresh weekly and shipped right to your door. YUM!

Still Time For Golf!

It is September and there is still time to play many rounds of golf in the North. And if you live further South, you have even more time to play.

Are you having an in person or virtual golf outing event? These custom branded golf gloves are the perfect gift to hand out on the course or to mail to those who signed up for the virtual event.

Here is an idea for your virtual event. Invite golfers to sign up for your combination of in person and virtual event. Everyone that signs up is sent a branded high quality custom golf glove to use before they play. Invite them to play on their own time with their own foursome using and taking pictures while they play with their new gifted gloves. Once everyone has played, create the online virtual event for those to post scores and show their pictures. This will create a community and sharing event for all to share and enjoy.

Have fun and please share the experience with us. We are happy to help you with your golf or other event.

Coffee Delivered to Your Door

Many people are still working from home drinking coffee on a daily basis. Companies are reaching out to us daily looking for ideas of what they can send to their employees and clients.

An inexpensive but very thoughtful and appreciated gift would be coffee delivered to their door branded with your company logo.

We also carry tea and hot chocolate for those that do not drink coffee.

Safety Shields for ALL!

Protective face shields keep you protected and safe by covering your entire face. But it is important to also feel comfortable. Soft foam forehead pad with adjustable band helps keep you comfortable. CPSIA compliant and Made in the USA. Made in sizes for adults and children.

Back to School Promotional Ideas!

See above for a list of items that are great for welcoming teachers and students back to school. We would love to help you with any and all of our suggestions.

What Do You Know about Non-Woven Bags?

Non-woven bags are back in high demand. Bags made of fibers that are entangled together, not woven is why they are known as Non-Woven bags. They can be produced mechanically, chemically or thermally and can be made with or without lamination meaning that designs can then be silk screen printed onto the bags. See difference below.

Non-woven bags vs plastic bags: Non-woven bags are still more durable than the standard plastic shopping bag. Furthermore, non-woven bags tend to be cheaper than woven cloth, making them more affordable.

Non-woven bags are now available USA MADE in various sizes and colors.

Virtual Events and Weddings

I have attended Zoom Briss Events, virtual Holiday Events and even shower and wedding events are now happening. We have a great idea for your online Celebrations.

Before your Zoom event, a great inclusion idea for all participants is to drop ship a wine glass in a gift bag to each attending person. Make sure everyone that responds with a “YES” receives their gift. During in person events, especially weddings, a toast is given and everyone is asked to raise their glass to toast the bride and groom. On your virtual event, when it is time to toast, have everyone raise their glass and show it for all to toast together.

How to Add Plexiglass Sheets to Your Office Space

You think about adding Plexiglass Partitions to your office. You are not sure exactly how to install them. At Multi Media Promotions we are here to help you with your partition needs. The 4 silver clamp options above allow you to adapt your partitions to any surface and structure. They are custom cut and sized to meet your needs and can be custom printed with your logo and saying.

We at MMP want to help you stay safe and COVID-19 free. Email us at for all your PPE needs. Always have a supply of masks and hand sanitizers available in your office and home.

Save 20% now on orders over $250.00

Cooling Face Masks- Summer is Not over yet

Masks come in various styles, materials and shapes. These cooling masks are great for the summer but have many other uses as well. Great when exercising, on the golf course when the sun is beating down on you and better yet for workers working in warm environments like restaurant kitchens, warehouses and making deliveries in warm weather.

You have heard of the cooling towel that works so well keeping us cool from the heat. Now we offer you the Chill Mask which works the same way as the cooling towel. To beat the heat, simply wet the mask for instant cooling relief. Masks will be with us for a while. Different masks for different needs.

Remote School Learning Idea!

School is starting up again. Are your children returning to classrooms or learning remotely? For the times they are learning from home, we have created a custom hand sign kit. These signs can be custom designed or you can use our sayings as shown above.

The teacher is speaking, the student is not sure what they said, let that student hold up the “Can You Repeat” sign. Now the teacher knows to repeat the question. If your child has a question to ask, the teacher knows to call on that child to hear the question instead of having that student blurt it out. This helps keep all teaching sessions organized. When asking a question it is now easy for the students to hold up their yes, no, or maybe sign instead of all speaking at once.

This is a great way for online teaching to stay organized. Each child gets a complete question and answer sign package mailed to their home. If you prefer they can be sent to the school.

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