New Product from the PPAI SHOW – Waste Sports Bag

Direct from Ariel Premium.

What is new?

What is trending?

These are questions we often get asked.

Sport Belts are very popular, sometimes called Fanny Packs or Waste Bags, but these are less bulky

This new style comes with a stash pocket and electronic port hole.

These bags are comfortable and hold most things that you need for that walk or run.

Socially acceptable, and fashionable.

Classic Inner-Lip Mug Imprint – Be Different

I always love to show the different ways we can imprint on items and this, is one that I love.

We are always asked for dishwasher and microwave safe mugs, not easy to find, but we have them, and this is one of them.

This classic mugs come with a full-color wrap imprint AND a full color inner lip imprint.

Be different, Say what you want to say.

Be sustainable and reusable with these mugs.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Sweets for the Sweet

Above are a few of our most popular Valentine’s Day Food Ideas.

Don’t forget the Sweetheart candies as well that come in an assortment of cases.

The chocolate hearts are great to leave on an office desk or room in your home.

Hand out individual pretzels or chocolate squares when visiting.

No matter the item, large or small we have you covered.

Nowatch – Not a Watch

A smartwatch, but not really a watch.

The Nowatch is a screenless watch that provides real-time feedback about your movement, sleep and stress levels.

The Nowatch company calls it the “awareable”, bringing attention to your body.

The attractive gemstone face monitors the wearer’s stress levels, measuring changes in sweat gland activity via the skin condustance.

Data on things like mood and stress are collected and sent to the connected app.

The watch itself will vibrate to alert the wearer to their stress and emotions, helping them to reconnect to the present and restore balance.

Nowatch CEO and co-founder Hylke Muntinga discovered in 2019 that he has a rare genetic condition, PXE, which will eventually cost him his eyesight. Inspired by his diagnosis, he created the Nowatch to help people get the most out of every moment. “People are more stressed than ever and need simple but powerful solutions that help them stay mindful of their emotions and health,” Muntinga said. “Nowatch is easy to use so it doesn’t become another distraction or obstacle for the wearer and is a powerful tool to help people stay grounded in the present and achieve wellbeing.

Work and Workout From Your Home – What’s New in Tech

Many workers continue to work from home either all of the time or hybrid.

The challenge is staying active in a home office and not staying glued to your desk.

The Acer’s eKinekt BD3 desk/exercise bike is one solution to this modern lifestyle.

The smart bike helps keep your heartrate up while working at your desk, and includes a built-in electric generator, allowing you to charge your electronic devices with the power generated from your own body.

Your phone can be fully charge in 1.5-2.5 hours.

Ballpoint Pen Gets a Makeover – New Tech

People are always asking What is New. What is Trending. What is new in tech.

We have the answer.

The Nuwa pen can turn your words and drawings into digital text and images, without the use of special paper or wires.

The refillable smart ballpoint pen uses three cameras and infrared light to track pen strokes, sending them to a synced smartphone app.

When the battery dies, it can be recharged in 15 minutes via the portable charging case.

For $3 a month, the app will automatically convert handwritten notes into text. Nuwa’s product is available for preorder now and expected to ship in August.

10′ Custom Tent Kits Printed Full Color – Great For Your Outdoor Events

Every industry has events to welcome and introduce their products and brands.

Outdoor events improve mood and provide guests with more space to move around without feeling confined.

With natural beauty surroundings, they help create and inspire those that attend.

Outdoor events are also economical, saving both time and money.

Promote your brand with these custom full color 10′ tents.

Add side walls for added branding and protection from the wind and sun.

USA Made – Open Bar Hospitality Wood Stirrers

For those of you going dry this January, these Mango Pineapple Margarita Mocktails, made by Open Bar Hospitality are the perfect go to drink.

The Birch Wood stirrers branded with the OB company logo make the perfect addition to the drinks, and adds an extra level to the presentation.

There are many ways for companies to show their brand with sustainable products.

Open Bar Hospitality cares about their clients and the environment.

Click on the link to learn more about the company, request a quote, or book an event.


Happy Valentine’s Day – We Have Ideas For You

Valentine’s Day is for everyone in your life that you like, love, and care about.

Give and show them some warmth and love during these cold days with our Hot Chocolate on a Spoon Gift Set.

With a choice of stock artwork along with your company branding, these make the perfect gift for everyone.

Made of Belgian Milk, Dark and White Chocolate topped with a mix of Red, Pink and White Heart Sprinkles and White Nonpareils, there is something to please everyone’s taste buds.

Share the love!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

We all know that using and carrying our own water bottles helps to reduce waste and is eco-friendly.

Now your old bottles can be reformed into new-co-polyester bottles that are crystal clear and food contact compliant.

Available in a variety of styles, colors, and tops, there is one for everyone’s personal taste and easily matches with your corporate branded colors

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