Nowatch – Not a Watch

A smartwatch, but not really a watch.

The Nowatch is a screenless watch that provides real-time feedback about your movement, sleep and stress levels.

The Nowatch company calls it the “awareable”, bringing attention to your body.

The attractive gemstone face monitors the wearer’s stress levels, measuring changes in sweat gland activity via the skin condustance.

Data on things like mood and stress are collected and sent to the connected app.

The watch itself will vibrate to alert the wearer to their stress and emotions, helping them to reconnect to the present and restore balance.

Nowatch CEO and co-founder Hylke Muntinga discovered in 2019 that he has a rare genetic condition, PXE, which will eventually cost him his eyesight. Inspired by his diagnosis, he created the Nowatch to help people get the most out of every moment. “People are more stressed than ever and need simple but powerful solutions that help them stay mindful of their emotions and health,” Muntinga said. “Nowatch is easy to use so it doesn’t become another distraction or obstacle for the wearer and is a powerful tool to help people stay grounded in the present and achieve wellbeing.

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