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Independent Trading Bottoms and Matching Sweatshirt

Yesterday I showed you our Independent line of pigment dyed sweatshirts that have the vintage look and soft style comfort.

Today I am showing how you can pair the sweatshirts with our matching pigment dyed pants and shorts to create a complete set.

Style, comfort, retail at great pricing.

Independent Trading Pigment Dye Sweathshirts

Independent Trading is known for the comfortable and stylish apparel.

These pigment dyed sweatshirts have a unique vintage character and made with ultra soft cotton/polyester blend fleece for eye catching appeal and comfort.

Match them up with our Pigment dyed fleece pant and make it a complete match.

Hot off the Presses – Patagonia For Schools and Hospitals

Are you a school or Hospital looking for Patagonia brand apparel?

In the past we have been told that Patagonia is no longer allowing the promotional industry or any one to embellish their apparel.

Recently this has changed and if you are a school or hospital, we may put your logo their apparel.

Please note that it is still a case by case scenario and it still must be approved by Patagonia.

I wanted to share this good news with you.

Take Pride in Who and What You Are

Our vented colossal crown folding umbrellas come in a variety of colors.

The rainbow colored umbrella above is bright, colorful and available today.

4-color process printing and at a great price- we believe you will love this umbrella.

Practice Your Golf Game

We love the outdoors and for many people golf is the ultimate outdoor game.

These portable pop-up chip golf game cornhole style piece is the perfect item to take anywhere with you or keep in your backyard for practice at any time.

Share with a crowd and practice together.

I love togetherness.

Master BBQ Cooking

All week I have been posting about grilling and the perfect items for grilling.

Obviously cooking and grilling is a passion of mine.

To go along with the grills, aprons and tools you need the perfect cookbook.

This Backyard BBQ Bible Cook and Grilling Cookbook is the must have Bible for all of your grilling recipes and questions.

Don’t start grilling without it.

Great item for housewarming, incentives and just to have.

Cuisinart®14″ Charcoal Grill

Portables grills are perfect for tailgating parties, outdoor picnics and events and perfect for small spaces like decks and patios.

Need a little extra outdoor cooking space – these give you that extra grilling area you need.

Some people will claim that grilling tastes best with charcoal.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to transport with over 150 square inches of grilling space-you have enough space to cook for and entire family.

These grills make great incentives gifts or treat yourself.

My Favorite BBQ Apron-The Grill Master Apron Kit

If there is one item that excites me time after time it is this Grill Master Apron Kit.

We have these in our home and use them all the time.

It is my husband’s favorite go to grilling apron.

Complete with bottle holder, bottle opener, padded oven mitt and towel you have everything that you need at your finger tips.

With a detachable neck strap and side tie strings this is the perfect apron for all people.

Machine washable.

This is the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Grilling and Burgers

This is the time of year we make sure our grills are working if we did not use them during the colder months.

Not only do we supply grills, BBQ tools as well as BBQ aprons, we now carry Burger steakhouse mixes to make your burgers taste even better.

We have all the BBQ essentials to make your grilling season extra special.

Cuisinart® XL BBQ Spatula- You Only Need One

There are spatulas and then there are Spatulas.

This spatula can handle any job and perfect for lifting small or large items on the grill or griddle.

This kitchen tool is sure to last you for years to come along with saving memories you have using it.

Great for indoors or out.

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