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First Aid Red Cross Kit Fits in Your Pocket

It is important and smart to always have a first aid kit at your fingertips and this is the perfect kit that is small enough to fit into

your pocket, yet has everything you need for first aid.

  • Slim plastic case is conveniently sized to fit in your purse or pocket
  • First aid supplies are efficiently packed to provide easy access during an emergency
  • Contents:
  • 5 – Adhesive plastic bandages, ¾” x 3″
  • 3 – Adhesive fabric bandages, ¾” x 3″
  • 5 – Junior adhesive plastic bandages, 3/8″ x 1-1/2″
  • 1 – Fingertip fabric bandage
  • 1 – Knuckle fabric bandage
  • 2 – Sting-free antiseptic cleansing wipes
  • 1 – Triple antibiotic ointment pack
  • 1 – Emergency Contact Card
  • 1 – See-through red vinyl pocket pack
  • This product is currently only available for shipping in the US
  • All sales final

On sale now, close-out item but there are still 3500 in stock as of today for as low as $6.99 each

Vaccination Card Protectors

Yes, I am sorry to be bringing up PPE and vaccination card holders and protection products.

We are all aware of the new COVID variant and concerned about when this pandemic will end.

That being said, we are starting to be asked to carry around our proof of vaccination card for entry to many places including offices and schools.

We have you covered and protected with out clear vinyl protection holders. These folders will protect your card while being able to show proof of vaccination without having to remove it.

Availability is now, please do not wait until they are all gone.

I care about each and every one of you!

The New Norm-How we Shop and RuMe

Before we know it life will return to normal, or what I believe will be the new norm. We have been continuing to go to the supermarket to buy our food. Most of us have been home cooking more, and bringing in or eating out less. Food stores were allowed to finish up using their plastic bags in case we wanted to throw them out when we got home, afraid of germs. Those bags are going to run out, the ban on plastic bags will start up again soon. Back to our reusable totes. These RuMe Totes are the perfect item to take to the store. Super compact, lightweight, come in various sizes and small enough to keep in your bag, backpack and/or car. Use them and when you get home, throw them into the washing machine ready for your next shop. This is how I want to food shop. What will you be using?

Social Distancing Mats

Stores will open, there will be lines, and the new norm will continue. At least for a while and probably longer. No longer will people want you standing right next to them on line. Stay 6′ away please.

Let us help you open your doors, and even if you are already open, it is not too late to purchase these mats. Customize them with your logo and colors. Want to change the layout? Let us know, we are here to help.

We look forward to working with you. How can we help you?

Are You Ready to Get Back to Normal?

We start to gear up that soon we will be returning to work, and our regular routines. The Post Office, Banks and other places have been adding sneeze guards as protection for the workers as well as their clients. How do you feel about going back to the new norm? What do you think that will be?

Floor Decals Stay Safe 6 Feet Apart

I am getting ready, are you to get back to stores? Still keeping safety and rules in place these decals are perfect for any public space, especially stores and lines. Made of durable and non-slip material, these are the perfect reminder for social distancing.

How long do you think we will continue this practice?

I Call this the Work at Home T-Shirt

Working from home, staying comfortable. I noticed how relaxed we have become working from home, even during our Zoom and other video conference meetings. It doesn’t matter what we are wearing as long as we are production, happy, comfortable and putting our best foot forward. Have you accomplished your goals today? I know I have.

What have you been wearing to work? What is your favorite outfit?

Healthy Habits, Let’s Get Ready to Open Our Doors

Yes, I am optimistic. Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Clubs, Schools and more will be opening up soon. Exactly when and how I cannot say but be ready. This is the perfect time to remind everyone to stay safe and healthy. Let us not forget what we have learned about washing our hands. Get these door knob hangers, magnets and more and help everyone remember. How can we help you?

Conference Calls are Here to Stay

Working from home, many of us are doing now. Getting more comfortable and acclimated each and every day. Zoom and video conference calls have become the norm, and I believe are here to stay. Some people like to use their headsets while others prefer their computer speakers.

Experience your conference calls in style and comfort with our three signature headphones that all feature a built-in microphone for speaking!

What is your style?

Graduation Virtual or Live-Always a Time to Celebrate!

They say we hit the Apex, businesses should hopefully open within the month. Does that mean schools will open, too? Will graduation go on either on time or at a later date? Don’t let that graduate go unnoticed. Give a gift either in person or mail. Yes, the post offices and shipping centers are still open. Click on the link to get some graduation gift ideas. And of course, please follow our blog.

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