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Floor Decals Stay Safe 6 Feet Apart

I am getting ready, are you to get back to stores? Still keeping safety and rules in place these decals are perfect for any public space, especially stores and lines. Made of durable and non-slip material, these are the perfect reminder for social distancing.

How long do you think we will continue this practice?

E-Z Pop Up Tents-Many Uses

People don’t always realize what promotional companies can provide and the different ways they can be used. Pop Up tents are often used for trade shows and events. They are also used for personal events like weddings, graduation parties and birthdays.

Now we get to show you the medical side of how these can and are being used. They are perfect as optimal mobile testing facilities, patient separation and other medical response needs. They provide visibility and privacy with the ability to establish temperature-controlled environment.

Next time you have a challenging request, ask us how we can help.

Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds Something We Should Continue

Never will we think twice about washing our hands except to make sure we are doing it for at least 20 seconds. Another new norm, making sure we always wash our hands constantly and all day long.

These Paper Soaps, compact for clean hands without the mess of liquid or bar soap are the perfect item to give-away and carry around. Remove the soap sheets with dry hands and just add water. Stored in a hard plastic flip-top case that is easy to take on the go. Stay top of mind with our paper soaps.

Graduation Virtual or Live-Always a Time to Celebrate!

They say we hit the Apex, businesses should hopefully open within the month. Does that mean schools will open, too? Will graduation go on either on time or at a later date? Don’t let that graduate go unnoticed. Give a gift either in person or mail. Yes, the post offices and shipping centers are still open. Click on the link to get some graduation gift ideas. And of course, please follow our blog.

What Does a Promotional Company Do? Who are They?

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I have learned that when someone hears that my company is a print and promotional products company, they really have not idea of who we are, what we do or all the items we can source for them.

During this epidemic it has come to my attention and realization even more so. Sure I am selling thousands of hand sanitizers,

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I always did, but people do not realize we also sell surgery masks, scrubs, signage and so many more useful items that can and should be used, especially during this time.

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I sit here writing this blog and wonder, how do I help you understand better who and what we do. I would like to hear your suggestions.


Looking for a Way to Mask Without One? Bandanas Work.

Masks are not always available, and certainly not fast. Within a few days you can have our bandanas that are pretty, comfortable and useful. What have you been wearing lately?

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