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Up at 5am Ready for Work and Food Shop

We wake up in the morning, maybe not always as early as we usually do or did. We sit at our desk, in the kitchen, living room or wherever that may be for you. We start to focus, get ready for our work day and see what we can accomplish on this day. Mobile offices today have become common place, we may not be heading to our usual office, but one day we will again soon. Here is an great item to keep near your work station and then move it back to your regular out of home office.

Check out this video and see how it works  

Mobile Office Pencil Case-A unique item to keep all your mobile office essentials organized on the go or at your “desk”

What is your favorite desk item or office to go item? We would like to hear from you.            

Some Chocolate is Made to Chocolate Tastes Great! Play with Ours and Then Enjoy the Treat. Share with Friends, Virtually of Course.

STB-TCT - Chocolate Tic Tac Toe Box

We are told to stay 6 feet apart, stay in our homes and stay safe. and be smart. Yes we can walk the dog, take walks, exercise or bike ride, but then come right back inside. With that in mind we need to find other ways to stay in touch. Here is the perfect item for you. Our Chocolate Tic Tac Toe Box. Yes, I know I said stay 6 feet apart but we are now becoming experts with our Zoom calls and meetings. Purchase this game for yourself and send them to your friends. When you are looking for something to do, reach out to your friend, open your zoom and start playing. And if you end up eating the pieces along the way, that is an added bonus. Comes with all the pieces you need.

Let us all stay connected and in touch. There are many ways to accomplish this. How do you stay in touch?

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