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What’s New for 2016 in Blender Bottles-Stay Fit!


It really is 2016 already and hard to believe. New  year, new items and hopefully not too many new prices. And of course New Year Resolutions to stay fit, stay strong and to stay healthy all go together.

Below are a few of items I want to share with you in staying with our fitness theme and health. Power shakes, power drinks, powder breakfast and meals for those of us on the run are all the rage when staying healthy, trim and fit.

This item we call the Blender Bottle —  Grab It, Fill It, Go With It. It is that simple. These are durable jars that secure tightly to carry powders, vitamins, snacks and more. Great for events, travel and even the office.

1865 (1) Pro-Stak Blender  — BlenderBottle® ProStak™ System. . Take your liquid, take your vitamins/powder, give a shake and you are ready to drink.

Featuring the BlenderBall® Wire Whisk and unique Twist ‘n Lock containers, the BlenderBottle® ProStak™ is the all-in-one solution for the serious athlete. Comes in clear or solid colors.



Bicylcle Lights for Safety and Stay Hydrated with a Water Bottle

We are all more aware of staying healthy, fit and active more than ever. Today there are bike lanes for safety with more popping up almost daily it seems. New York City now has rental bikes all over the city and designated bike lanes to help keep us safe. Growing up we rode on the streets next to cars alway hoping they saw and paid attention to us as  much as we were watching out for them. Long Island now has bike paths that run for miles for all to enjoy the outdoors and get our exercise going by foot, by skate or bicycle. It only makes sense to get products to keep us safer during our daily trips. These items below are an example of items of interest. As low as $8.00.

A perfect gift for your customers who enjoy bicycling for sport, or use their bikes to commute to and from work, this metal bike light will enhance their safety and will increasing exposure your brand. This 9 LED sleek metal flashlight can attach to your handlebars and easily be removed and taken with you for safekeeping. Customize this light with your company name and logo to effectively promote your business at upcoming events.

Soft Squeeze Sports Bottle 20 oz

A great promotional giveaway for gyms, sports complexes and fitness studios, this 20 oz. soft squeeze sports bottle is ideal for drinking on-the-go. Featuring an LDPE body and a PE cap, this bottle showcases a one way valve to prevent spillage, an anti-slip design and meets all FDA requirements. Customize this BPA free bottle with your company name and logo to effectively advertise your business during every workout! As low as $2.49

May 28, National Senior Health and Fitness Day

staying activepill boxpedometer

Today is known as National Senior Health and Fitness Day. There is no better time to promote health and happiness for seniors than today. The warm weather is here, the streets are clean and free from the snow finally, so let’s get out and start walking. This is a great time for Senior Centers, Fitness Centers, Rehabilitation Centers to promote health.

Great Health Fair item give-away!

measuring cup and spoons

We have been doing a lot of item relating to health. Health Fair items, give-aways, everyone and anyone looking to be healthy, stay in shape. Something that will be used over and over again, useful and handy. This item contains a measuring cup along with measuring spoons that fit right inside for easy storage.

February is Wise Health Care Consumer Month

There seems to be many special days and months as time goes by, but they are all important to pay attention to and acknowledge.

February is the month for Wise Health Care Consumer Month. A time for teaching and reminding consumers to make better health-care decisions which will lead to reduced health care costs. Companies, hospitals and MCOs are offering medical self-care programs for employees, subscribers and patients. Let us all get on board and become a healthier me today.

dr s pec servings

March is National Nutrition Month

colesheatlhcolesToday more than ever people have become health conscious about everything from weight, health and exercise. We go to the gym, try to visit our doctors on a regular schedule and try to eat the right foods. This month is national Nutrition Month, a reminder eat healthy. Here are a couple of slide charts to go along with Nutrition Month. Do you own or manage a gym? A nutritionist? A personal trainer? A doctor? A health advisor? If the answer is yes, you may be interested in helping promote a healthy diet with your client.

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