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Bicylcle Lights for Safety and Stay Hydrated with a Water Bottle

We are all more aware of staying healthy, fit and active more than ever. Today there are bike lanes for safety with more popping up almost daily it seems. New York City now has rental bikes all over the city and designated bike lanes to help keep us safe. Growing up we rode on the streets next to cars alway hoping they saw and paid attention to us as  much as we were watching out for them. Long Island now has bike paths that run for miles for all to enjoy the outdoors and get our exercise going by foot, by skate or bicycle. It only makes sense to get products to keep us safer during our daily trips. These items below are an example of items of interest. As low as $8.00.

A perfect gift for your customers who enjoy bicycling for sport, or use their bikes to commute to and from work, this metal bike light will enhance their safety and will increasing exposure your brand. This 9 LED sleek metal flashlight can attach to your handlebars and easily be removed and taken with you for safekeeping. Customize this light with your company name and logo to effectively promote your business at upcoming events.

Soft Squeeze Sports Bottle 20 oz

A great promotional giveaway for gyms, sports complexes and fitness studios, this 20 oz. soft squeeze sports bottle is ideal for drinking on-the-go. Featuring an LDPE body and a PE cap, this bottle showcases a one way valve to prevent spillage, an anti-slip design and meets all FDA requirements. Customize this BPA free bottle with your company name and logo to effectively advertise your business during every workout! As low as $2.49

Bicycle Pedometer-know how far you go

 Here i am shopping and searching for a ladies hybrid bike to ride for exercise, leisure and fun.Planning on taking those long bike trails, enjoy Jones Beach more and the City bike tours . I May even join a bike club or two. While on this venture to find the perfect bike at the perfect price I of course will also look for new and different promotional items to go with my renewed passion. Here it is, the Bicycle Pedometer that i found and will use.

  • Speedometer measures bike speed, and records average & maximum speeds
  • Tripometer measures total distance cycled
  • Digital clock & trip timer
  • Odometer measures total trip distance for all trips

    Bright Ideas

    Buyers: Health clubs and spas, sporting goods stores, summer camps, hospitals, fundraisers, bike shops

    Uses: Race prizes, sporting goods retail, outdoors event participation rewards

    Suggested Industries: HEALTH CARE, OUTDOORS, RETAIL,  SALES

    Slogans: “On the right track”; “Cycling to fitness”; “Follow the path to ___”

  • Dual powered: solar & battery with auto shut-off and idle mode   P.S. If you have any suggestions on what bike i should buy, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.
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