Bicycle Pedometer-know how far you go

 Here i am shopping and searching for a ladies hybrid bike to ride for exercise, leisure and fun.Planning on taking those long bike trails, enjoy Jones Beach more and the City bike tours . I May even join a bike club or two. While on this venture to find the perfect bike at the perfect price I of course will also look for new and different promotional items to go with my renewed passion. Here it is, the Bicycle Pedometer that i found and will use.

  • Speedometer measures bike speed, and records average & maximum speeds
  • Tripometer measures total distance cycled
  • Digital clock & trip timer
  • Odometer measures total trip distance for all trips

    Bright Ideas

    Buyers: Health clubs and spas, sporting goods stores, summer camps, hospitals, fundraisers, bike shops

    Uses: Race prizes, sporting goods retail, outdoors event participation rewards

    Suggested Industries: HEALTH CARE, OUTDOORS, RETAIL,  SALES

    Slogans: “On the right track”; “Cycling to fitness”; “Follow the path to ___”

  • Dual powered: solar & battery with auto shut-off and idle mode   P.S. If you have any suggestions on what bike i should buy, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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