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What’s New for 2016 in Blender Bottles-Stay Fit!


It really is 2016 already and hard to believe. New  year, new items and hopefully not too many new prices. And of course New Year Resolutions to stay fit, stay strong and to stay healthy all go together.

Below are a few of items I want to share with you in staying with our fitness theme and health. Power shakes, power drinks, powder breakfast and meals for those of us on the run are all the rage when staying healthy, trim and fit.

This item we call the Blender Bottle —  Grab It, Fill It, Go With It. It is that simple. These are durable jars that secure tightly to carry powders, vitamins, snacks and more. Great for events, travel and even the office.

1865 (1) Pro-Stak Blender  — BlenderBottle® ProStak™ System. . Take your liquid, take your vitamins/powder, give a shake and you are ready to drink.

Featuring the BlenderBall® Wire Whisk and unique Twist ‘n Lock containers, the BlenderBottle® ProStak™ is the all-in-one solution for the serious athlete. Comes in clear or solid colors.



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