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Happy Valentine’s Day – We Have Ideas For You

Valentine’s Day is for everyone in your life that you like, love, and care about.

Give and show them some warmth and love during these cold days with our Hot Chocolate on a Spoon Gift Set.

With a choice of stock artwork along with your company branding, these make the perfect gift for everyone.

Made of Belgian Milk, Dark and White Chocolate topped with a mix of Red, Pink and White Heart Sprinkles and White Nonpareils, there is something to please everyone’s taste buds.

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Decorative Packaging Creates a Personal Gift Experience

Everyone loves to get a package

Everyone loves to receive a gift

Nothing shows more appreciation than a gift that shows you care.

Why not send a special package to a new client, your team for a job well done, or as an on boarding gift.

Create your own package with as many or as few branded items as you want.

Create a custom box with a label, all over outside imprint, or make is extra special with branding on the inside and outside of the box.

Add a special note message for that added personal touch.

We want to be a part of your team.

Anker PowerWave 10W Stand with Charger

Anker is the brand known for quality and reliability and we are happy to be able to supply them for you.

There Anker PowerWave Stand +Quick Charge 3.0 wall port with Micro USB charging cable automatically changes between 10W and 5W charging modes depending on the power needs of your device.

Complete with foreign object detection,, short circuit protection, temperature control and more, you can now enjoy Qi-certified wireless charging with total peace of mind.

My daughter has one and loves it so much, I am going to get one for myself.

How about you?

Aviana Metallics Lunch Cooler

Having a ladies event?

Looking for a unique, fun and perfect gift for your luncheon, gala, or launch?

These metallic lunch coolers are the perfect item and even has a place to hold your bottle.

PVC free and holds up to 10 cans.

You can be stylish and fashionable with these lunch coolers.

Handcrafted Wood Holiday Gifts

Holiday time with family, friends, and clients are the perfect time to show and share you Charcuterie Board.

Made from Natural Red Oak Lumber from the Appalachian mountains, and finished with food-safe Mineral Oil.

Never any paints or stains used.

Brand these boards on one side or 2 for a perfect home gift.

Great gifts for distilleries keeping their brand top of mind while everyone is enjoying their drinks and foods.

Do you know someone in the beverage industry that would love this item?

We would love to hear from you.

Large Tote With Large Handles-Wear It Many Ways

Tote bags come in handy for trips to the office, on vacation, a walk around town or just to have an extra bag.

This bag is made with scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, durable Nylon.

Lightweight and fashionable, you can wear it on y our shoulder, across your body, or just hold the handles.

Perfect for shopping, the beach, travel and other uses.

This is a great corporate gift, give-away or just to have bag.

For as low as $4.50, I would get mine now.

Largest Increases among top 100 Search Terms in July 2021 from June 2021

I am often asked, what is popular, and what are people buying? I find myself answering with pretty much everything these days. Items for the office, bags for carrying items around, employee gifts, water bottles and pens. Jotters are also on the rise.

Above is a proven researched list of what people are requesting and buying.

The above items are not including tech items but we have been providing many speakers and chargers lately which I would like to add to the list.

Watches. Do you know promotional agencies carry all kinds of watches and gifts?


When people think of promotional advertising and print agencies they many times think of pens, mugs and sometimes apparel. They may not realize that we specialize in jewelry, high-end gifts, awards, incentives and awards. Here is just a sampling of watches that we can offer. Looking for a special brand? Ask us and we can help. If you see it and want it in the stores, chances are we can get it for you and add your logo or event.

Padfolios-in your color

Colorful Promotional Products   Padfolios are one of the most popular and useful gifts, incentive and give-away items that one can purchase. Planning a corporate meeting where attendees will want to take notes? This is a great item that will be used over and over again. Black is always a popular color but why not brighten your promotion with a color. This spring especially, color is popping up everywhere. We have them in leather, simulated leather, microfiber, with designs, epoly translucent materials and more. Junior sizes and full sizes available in all price points. Any budget/many price-points and  most colors available.

Custom 3-D View-Masters. Fun Facts

Image 3d

Ever wonder when the first 3D movie was made?

The first 3D  feature film was made in 1922 and called Power of Love.

During World War II, View-Master produced millions of reels for the U.S. Government that aided the military.

  • In 1838 Charles Wheatstone and Fox Talbot worked together on Stereo Photography, which enabled pairs of identical images to be combined and viewed in 3D with glasses.


  • The first 3D on film was in 1915, with three short one-reel films

Looking for a new way to promote your product? Movie and/or event? What better way than to give your audience their very own View-Master customized with your very own images? On a budget? We have the traditional View-Master as well as less expensive 3D versions of viewers.

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