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Padfolios-in your color

Colorful Promotional Products   Padfolios are one of the most popular and useful gifts, incentive and give-away items that one can purchase. Planning a corporate meeting where attendees will want to take notes? This is a great item that will be used over and over again. Black is always a popular color but why not brighten your promotion with a color. This spring especially, color is popping up everywhere. We have them in leather, simulated leather, microfiber, with designs, epoly translucent materials and more. Junior sizes and full sizes available in all price points. Any budget/many price-points and  most colors available.

The Amazing White Board

I like this item for those that make presentations- convenient, portable and easy to use.

As seen on TV – Create a Whiteboard from a Portable Roll in Seconds!

Carry a Roll of 25 Self-Stick, Dry Erase, Portable Whiteboards to your next Meeting, Presentation, Training Session, Team Event, Lesson, Brainstorming Group…Easy to Use, Wipe clean and Reuse, Convenient!

The Amazing Whiteboard is an Easy to Use Alternative to a Cumbersome Flip Chart Pad!

The Amazing Whiteboard

The Amazing Whiteboard on a Roll

roll box
Carry it

Carry it…

A convenient portable roll of static charged self stick reusable whiteboards.
Much easier to carry than a flipchart pad!

Tear it

Tear it…

25 perforated whiteboards on a roll, each larger than 23 x 31 inches. Tear of one or more to create a whiteboard of any size.

Stick it

Stick it…

Stick it using static on most flat surfaces. Needs no tacks or tape. No residue when removed!

Reuse it

Reuse it…

Use a regular dry erase marker – no bleed-through.
Wipe clean and REUSE
at least 20 times.

Take the Amazing Whiteboard to your next Meeting, Presentation, Training Event, Team Meeting, Brainstorming Session, Lesson, etc. and Create a Self-Stick Dry Erase Whiteboard from a Portable Roll in Seconds!

The lightweight portable Amazing Whiteboard is so easy to use, made with recyclable material it sticks up in seconds, can stay up for months and can quickly be taken down, never leaving any residue when removed. Convenient!

Don’t struggle with a cumbersome flip chart pad or a heavy easel! Use the Convenient Amazing Whiteboard. Order Online now. Just $3.00 per Whiteboard. Buy 25 Amazing Whiteboards on a portable roll – $75 

The Amazing Whiteboard is perfect for presentations, conferences, training events, team meetings, lessons, brainstorming and group work – at home or in the office, for training providers, teachers and students, conference centers and trade shows, IT consultants, hotels, hospitals, day care centers, schools, colleges and in college dorms, day care centers, at fund raising events and can also be used as a notice board or bulletin board.

  • Sticks for several months on most flat surfaces..walls, windows, wallpaper, wood etc.
  • Leaves no residue when removed
  • Wipe clean daily then reuse each Amazing Whiteboard at least 20 times
  • Each whiteboard provides more than 23 x 31 inches of available memo space
  • Made from recyclable statically charged white polypropylene film
  • Can also be used as a temporary projection screen
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