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Decorative Packaging Creates a Personal Gift Experience

Everyone loves to get a package

Everyone loves to receive a gift

Nothing shows more appreciation than a gift that shows you care.

Why not send a special package to a new client, your team for a job well done, or as an on boarding gift.

Create your own package with as many or as few branded items as you want.

Create a custom box with a label, all over outside imprint, or make is extra special with branding on the inside and outside of the box.

Add a special note message for that added personal touch.

We want to be a part of your team.

Independent Trading Sweats

Independent Trading apparel, sweatshirts, shorts and pants, and jackets are all comfortable, fashion forward and come at a very reasonable price.

Independent Trading has evolved into one of the most trusted and recognized brands.

We have your colors, your style in stock. All we need now is your logo to keep your brand top of mind.

Handcrafted Wood Holiday Gifts

Holiday time with family, friends, and clients are the perfect time to show and share you Charcuterie Board.

Made from Natural Red Oak Lumber from the Appalachian mountains, and finished with food-safe Mineral Oil.

Never any paints or stains used.

Brand these boards on one side or 2 for a perfect home gift.

Great gifts for distilleries keeping their brand top of mind while everyone is enjoying their drinks and foods.

Do you know someone in the beverage industry that would love this item?

We would love to hear from you.

Custom Molded Lanyards! Be Creative!

Let your entrepreneurial spirit rise.

Let  your creativity soar!

Think outside of the box.

School Mascots, School logos, Animals for zoos and animal themes, Corporate images. And this is only the beginning.

We all use and wear lanyards and badges for trade shows, events and more. Usually we just order and supply the standard lanyard, some may be breakables, some may be sublimated, or even made of recycled materials. How often do you see Custom 2 and 3D molded shaped lanyard. I know I never do. So let us all be different and be the talk of the conference at your next event.

Molded Lanyards


These lanyards are decorated by printing your message and then including an eye-catching molded center piece. This center piece can be custom-made in any shape or size to 2″.

Production time is 2-4 weeks. Rush service is
available. Call for details as low as $2.35


Custom wine carrier totes

Everyone loves a  nice bottle of wine. I know I do. Have you ever thought how appreciated a nice insulated, shock proof stylish wine carrier could be? These Eroprene totes can be totally customized with your all over print artwork as a one or two bottle holder. Let’s go one step further and note that these custom wine carriers are USA made. Great idea for corporate events, holiday gifts and/or just to use when you want to bring a bottle of wine to your favorite restaurant to share.


Custom Shoe Medallions! Something different.

shoe medallion


I am often asked what is new, what is different, what can you show me that I will want. Here is an item that is a little different, totally custom and can be used for many events, functions, charities and more. See below for a just a few ideas of good ways to use these custom shoe medallions. Wear them with pride.

* Bars, Night Clubs, Social Clubs * Schools, Sports Teams, Clubs, Cheerleading Teams, Parents’ Groups
 * Colleges & Universities, “Welcome New Student” Weekends & Programs, Fraternities & Sororities, Sports Teams, Special Events (i.e. Homecoming, Parents’ Weekends, etc.), Graduations  * Celebrations- Fourth of July & Other Patriotic Events, New Years Celebrations, Memorials i.e. 9/11, Community Events
 *Car & Motorcycle Clubs  * Ballet & Dance Teams
 * Political Candidates & Campaigns  * Health Clubs & Spas
 * Charities & Charity Walks, Events, & Fundraising  * Military Organizations, Active & Veteran Personnel, Parents of Military Personnel


Custom Cookie Cutters- just in time for the holidays

I just love this item and now is the perfect time to get them. Custom cookie cutters. Show your brand, use it, bake with it, eat them and then do it all over again.


Custom calculators

Looking for a big but inexpensive way to promotes your company brand? Think custom calculators for as low as $2.35.

Thin, light and easy to carry around for all to see.

Custom bags made from newspapers and your art

                Upstream Event - Example       CUSTOM SCHWAG MADE EASY

Here is an item I am very excited about. Being a person that loves to help all people with sustainable promotional ideas here is a very unique item that can be made in any size, shape and/or style.  Made from eight layers of recycled newspaper, combined with color prints and a weather resistant laminate this is the perfect promotional item. I needed and wanted to share this with you.

  1. Select your product(s) and determine how many you need
  2. Choose your image(s) – Whether you design in-house or use our design services, get ideas by viewing Ideas & Services. Consider the dimensions of the products you’ve selected. Utilize photos, print materials, current promotions, logos, ads, and just about anything else you can think of. Consider your goals – do you want instant recognition in your branding or a more subtle approach to invite questions? And don’t be afraid to let us help! IMAGE REQUIREMENTS : 15in x 11in, 300dpi,  we accept most formats and will let you know if we have any trouble.
  3. Email your image(s) to Please indicate whether you are submitting a final design or requesting design support. If you are looking for design support, please include a description of your goals and preferences.
  4. We will contact you and get the proofing and sample process started.


  • Holds more than 20 lbs.
  • Comfortable handles made from clear tubing
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Custom sizes available
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