Custom Molded Lanyards! Be Creative!

Let your entrepreneurial spirit rise.

Let  your creativity soar!

Think outside of the box.

School Mascots, School logos, Animals for zoos and animal themes, Corporate images. And this is only the beginning.

We all use and wear lanyards and badges for trade shows, events and more. Usually we just order and supply the standard lanyard, some may be breakables, some may be sublimated, or even made of recycled materials. How often do you see Custom 2 and 3D molded shaped lanyard. I know I never do. So let us all be different and be the talk of the conference at your next event.

Molded Lanyards


These lanyards are decorated by printing your message and then including an eye-catching molded center piece. This center piece can be custom-made in any shape or size to 2″.

Production time is 2-4 weeks. Rush service is
available. Call for details as low as $2.35


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