Custom Shoe Medallions! Something different.

shoe medallion


I am often asked what is new, what is different, what can you show me that I will want. Here is an item that is a little different, totally custom and can be used for many events, functions, charities and more. See below for a just a few ideas of good ways to use these custom shoe medallions. Wear them with pride.

* Bars, Night Clubs, Social Clubs * Schools, Sports Teams, Clubs, Cheerleading Teams, Parents’ Groups
 * Colleges & Universities, “Welcome New Student” Weekends & Programs, Fraternities & Sororities, Sports Teams, Special Events (i.e. Homecoming, Parents’ Weekends, etc.), Graduations  * Celebrations- Fourth of July & Other Patriotic Events, New Years Celebrations, Memorials i.e. 9/11, Community Events
 *Car & Motorcycle Clubs  * Ballet & Dance Teams
 * Political Candidates & Campaigns  * Health Clubs & Spas
 * Charities & Charity Walks, Events, & Fundraising  * Military Organizations, Active & Veteran Personnel, Parents of Military Personnel


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