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Custom 3-D View-Masters. Fun Facts

Image 3d

Ever wonder when the first 3D movie was made?

The first 3D  feature film was made in 1922 and called Power of Love.

During World War II, View-Master produced millions of reels for the U.S. Government that aided the military.

  • In 1838 Charles Wheatstone and Fox Talbot worked together on Stereo Photography, which enabled pairs of identical images to be combined and viewed in 3D with glasses.


  • The first 3D on film was in 1915, with three short one-reel films

Looking for a new way to promote your product? Movie and/or event? What better way than to give your audience their very own View-Master customized with your very own images? On a budget? We have the traditional View-Master as well as less expensive 3D versions of viewers.

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