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Conference Calls are Here to Stay

Working from home, many of us are doing now. Getting more comfortable and acclimated each and every day. Zoom and video conference calls have become the norm, and I believe are here to stay. Some people like to use their headsets while others prefer their computer speakers.

Experience your conference calls in style and comfort with our three signature headphones that all feature a built-in microphone for speaking!

What is your style?

Graduation Virtual or Live-Always a Time to Celebrate!

They say we hit the Apex, businesses should hopefully open within the month. Does that mean schools will open, too? Will graduation go on either on time or at a later date? Don’t let that graduate go unnoticed. Give a gift either in person or mail. Yes, the post offices and shipping centers are still open. Click on the link to get some graduation gift ideas. And of course, please follow our blog.

Happy Hour – Some People Prefer Cookies and Ice Cream

I am learning that some people prefer cookies or ice cream as their treat instead of a drink for Happy Hour. Our 16.9 oz double wall stainless thermal copper vacuum insulated container works for ice cream and drinks. . What will you be having later?

See our website for other exciting items.

Working From Home. Who is Keeping You Company?


#Fortune My Umbrella Cockatoo loves working at home with me. She gets to hang out in the home office and keep me company. I think she is getting spoiled. What are you doing differently working from home?

Hats Stand Out. What is Your Saying?

We stay in our home working, we have Zoom and other visual meetings. Our hair is growing out and out of control, our roots and gray are showing. How are you handling this? Our solution are these caps. Choose one of our free embroidery sayings and show your strength.

What Does a Promotional Company Do? Who are They?

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I have learned that when someone hears that my company is a print and promotional products company, they really have not idea of who we are, what we do or all the items we can source for them.

During this epidemic it has come to my attention and realization even more so. Sure I am selling thousands of hand sanitizers,

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I always did, but people do not realize we also sell surgery masks, scrubs, signage and so many more useful items that can and should be used, especially during this time.

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I sit here writing this blog and wonder, how do I help you understand better who and what we do. I would like to hear your suggestions.


TGIF and Happy Hour

Another week done. I have more time on the weekends now with business a little slower and able to catch up more easily. Which brings me to today and Happy Hour. Celebrating another week of adjusting to working from home, bonding and touching base with people we do not catch up with as often as we like or should.

The Moscow Mule I first tasted and liked when I was in Austin, Texas. The drink and mugs have become very popular. Pretty isn’t it? Stainless steel “Moscow Mule” mugs coated in copper. A favorite at any event!

Share your favorite drink with me, I want to hear from you.

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How are You Feeling Today!

What is your mood today? How do you feel? Are you anxious? Scared? Calm? Stressed? Happy? Lately we all have probably been feeling a little bit of all of these emotions at one time or another.. There are mood items you wear to show the world what emotion you are feeling? And there are items like these 18 oz. Mood Poly-Saver Push ‘Pull Cap Bottles that change colors. We would love to hear how you are feeling today.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Another day working from home. We must stay motivated, healthy and strong. One of the best ways to do this is to exercise. I have never tried the MIRROR but I am sure this is an item I would love. Exercising early morning, for an afternoon break, or at night time, there is never a wrong time to exercise. What is your favorite exercise?

We Thank All our Healthcare Providers. Wear Your Uniforms Proudly.

We have always loved providing uniforms for our healthcare providers, but now it is held even closer to our hearts. Hearing and seeing every day how hard you are working and how proudly you wear your uniforms makes us appreciate you even more. Thank you all for your dedication.

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