Types of Promotional Products Consumers have Acquired in Their Lifetime – Did You Know?

72.8% Writing Instruments – pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, erasers

68.4% Magnets

57.6% Office Supplies

53% Dated Products, clocks, wall calendars, planners

53.1% cards, gifts cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, key cards

52.3% Food and Beverage

51.3% Desk accessories

48.3% Event accessories, flags, lanyards, badge holders, wristbands

46.5% Buttons and badges

39.7% Awards

36.3% Games and Toyas

36.3% Technology Accessories

35.4% Drinkware

33.7% Bages

32.9% Apparel

32.3% Personal Accessories – keychains, lighters, money clips

30.9% Recreation – folding chairs, stadium seats, hand-held fans, blankets, lanterns, umbrellas, coolers, yoga mats, exercise bands, towels and golf accessories

28.7% Hygiene grooming, hand and body lotions, hand sanitizers, insect repellents, lip balm

23.5% Spirit – rally towels, megaphones, pennants, foam fingers, pom-poms, cowbells, holiday ornaments

22.2% Fashion accessories – footwear, sunglasses, robes, carves, baseball caps, visors, bandanas, headbands, vests

19.2% Packaging – ribbon, tissue paper, gifts boxes, wrapping paper

19 % Kitchen accessories, utensils, placemats, oven mitts, aprons, cutting boards

17.8% Medical & Safety – first aid kits, bandages, goggles

16.3% Travel accessories – passport cases, luggage tags, garment bags

15.5% Automotive accessories – window clings, license plate frames, air fresheners

13.9 % Home tools and Decor – garden tools, BQ grill sets, flashlights, fly swatters

9.5% Jewelry – lapel pins, bracelets, rings

9.2% Pet accessories, – leashes, collars, pet carriers, food can covers

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