Tie-Dye, Oversized Apparel, Jogger Silhouettes – Popular on Campus this Fall

This fall, we anticipate an increase in requested collegiate apparel like T-shirts, hoodies, fleece and hats.

Athletic apparel in synthetic fabrics from brands like Under Armour and Nike is popular along with a trend towards premium cottons and blends. Bella +_ Canvas rates high in this area.

In addition to T-shirts, always popular, another big trend on campus is relaxed-fit apparel in the size and shape of baggy and oversized clothing.

School colors remain hot but secondary colors will play a major role for the first time, if you school branding allows some leeway with their standards. Bright shades like orange, yellow or pink along with tie-dye will continue to be strong.

Comfortable clothing like joggers that became over increasingly popular during the pandemic will continue into 2021.

With the fatigue of Zoom, students are turning more to talking on the phone, and still want to be comfortable.

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