Apothecary Jars Have Many Uses – USA

Remember the apothecary Jar? Always on counters, always on desks, always in the home.

Let me count the ways of these USA made jars.


Keep them on your desk with candy in them for yourself and to share

Keep them on your desk to use as a pencil holder

Keep them in your bathroom and use to display decorative soaps

Keep them in your bathroom for Que-Tips

Use them to hold your special spices for easy access when cooking

Place your favorite tea leaves in them

Use them to hold cookies ready for a treat


When was the first glass apothecary bottle made?It was produced in England from 1744 until ca. 1900 in similar pear-shaped bottles, making precise dating difficult. Probable dates, 1850-1890. Glass and ceramic apothecary containers are far more elegant

Apothecary jars come in many shapes, sizes traditional and in decorative shapes with decorative tops

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