46% of Consumers Prefer Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

I recently had a discussion with a marketing person about eco-friendly products and if they were popular. I am not sure everyone understands about sustainable items and why they are popular and important.

3 R’s of Environment – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. If a product fits into at least one of these categories it is considered to be sustainable.

Reduce-Products made with post consumer products like paper, printed with soy based inks and using 100% solar energy are ways to help reduce toxins and save the environment.

Reuse– The ban of plastic bags is an example of this. Tote bags are ever more popular today and sales increasing as companies look to hand out these bags with their logo on them.

Recycle– Products made from recycled bottles (PET material), cotton, plastic, tires and more are just an example of some of the materials used that are recycled and turned into useful products..

Think journals, pens, bags, umbrellas, apparel and more. Items and materials are being added to this list almost daily as we all learn to save the Earth.

Reach out to info@mmpromos.com and we will help educate you on the 3 R’s and how to market your brand.

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