Best Fabrics For DTG Printing

Part 3 of our apparel and printing education

DTG printing stands for Direct to Garment printing or digital printing. These are great for artwork with many colors, low quantity printing with high quality results.

For best results, 100% cotton gives a nice smooth clean print. DTG inks are water-based and being that polyester fabrics are a type of plastic, these fabrics do not absorb as well. Stain resistant and weather proofed garments treated with coatings that repel water and water-based inks will not result in the best printed results.

When to use Direct-To -Garment printing is

Under 144 pieces

Fast Turnaround

Pre-production samples for a larger order

Custom names and numbers

When you want to print over zippers, button, and/or pockets

When not to avoid DTG Printing:

Polyester, poly-blends, or stain resistant fabrics

Spec samples for a screenprint order

When you need to match PMS colors

Orders over 144 pieces

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