Remote School Learning Idea!

School is starting up again. Are your children returning to classrooms or learning remotely? For the times they are learning from home, we have created a custom hand sign kit. These signs can be custom designed or you can use our sayings as shown above.

The teacher is speaking, the student is not sure what they said, let that student hold up the “Can You Repeat” sign. Now the teacher knows to repeat the question. If your child has a question to ask, the teacher knows to call on that child to hear the question instead of having that student blurt it out. This helps keep all teaching sessions organized. When asking a question it is now easy for the students to hold up their yes, no, or maybe sign instead of all speaking at once.

This is a great way for online teaching to stay organized. Each child gets a complete question and answer sign package mailed to their home. If you prefer they can be sent to the school.

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