MMP Face Mask Proven to be Effective at Keeping COVID-19 Away.

We at Multi Media Promotions are proud to announce that the face masks that MMP uses for both employees, family, friends and clients have passed the Duke University effectiveness task.

A good way to tell if a mask is effective against COVID-19 is to put on the mask, light a match or candle and see if you can blow the flame out. If you cannot blow out the flame, it is said that you are wearing an effective mask. Our masks come with nose bridge, pocket for a filter and are made of 4 layers of breathable cotton suitable for full color printing.

The high demand of face masks has led to an enormous influx of masks, gators and bandanas made with all different types of fabric and styles. Quality varies with all the styles being offered today.

Duke University conducted a Face Mask Test to discover the most effective masks to avoid the virus. See link below:

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