Tech Cell Holder and Hub

Tech Holder Hub    I am often asked if I have any new items to show.  I am also often asked for cell phone holders. Here I am going to show you the answer to both of those questions. An updated version cell phone holder that is for the techi in all of us. This Tech holder hub comes in black or blue and can be imprinted with your logo, of course. For as little as $12.50 this is a great office gift and giveaway when someone talks to you at a trade show and is really interested in what you have to say and your product. This item will be used on the desk, at the home and when traveling.

This multi-functional device is perfect for any office. Hub securely holds your phone, MP3 player or most objects while providing you with four 2.0 USB ports. Base will light up when you receive an incoming call.     

Still looking for something new? Still looking for that cell phone holder? Don’t need that techi item or want to spend a little less? We have this item below that answers all those questions. The cell phone holder comes in your choice of 4 colors, comes flat and is easy to mail. This item will also be used on the office desk, at home and on the go.  As low as $1.80 including a 1/color imprint.

 Mobile Phone Stand  

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