Test your Stress with these Stress-O-Meters

Stress-O-Meter Calendar Card   6" Stress-O-Meter Ruler  We have all heard of test your strength, so why not test your STRESS?  Today everyone is multi-tasking and working harder than ever trying to succeed in every facet of life. If you hade one of these stress meters you would be able to stop, think and test your stress. Firmly press the indicator between your thumb and forefinger for 15 seconds. Match the indicator color with the levels of stress shown in the colors on the card or ruler. Feeling and showing you are stressed? Now relax and follow the instructions on the card and before you know it you will feel calm and relaxed. At least more than you were earlier. This is a great item for Psychologists, Therapists, Teachers and more. I think I will go test my stress now.

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