3 piece black ceramic knife set, stylish, used, remembered (new)


Here is another one of my new favorites for 2011.

We are entering the New Year, the Holiday Season ending but i am still getting lots of requests for gift item that can be used in the home or office. This stylish knife set looks great on all counters and is definitely one of the best cutting sets around. Click on the link above and watch the video.

Don’t you wish you had one?

  • • Made of zirconium oxide, these blades are perfect for cutting boneless meats, fruits, vegetables and cooked foods.
  • • Stain and rust proof, this non-stick surface is easy to clean, will resist wear and remain sharp.
  • • Set includes 3.5” utility knife, 5” slicing knife and 6” chef’s knife all contained in a stylish acrylic knife holder.
  • 2 responses to this post.

    1. Posted by France on April 15, 2011 at 11:53 am

      Wow! This knife is the sharpest thing I’ve ever seen! I have a set of Wustoff knives, and a Kyocera ceramic knife- this knife is every bit as sharp as the Kyocera, and that is really saying something. Plus, I can use it on things that the ceramic knife could not handle, such as meats. I highly recommend this knife to anyone looking to get the highest quality available in a non-ceramic knife. Love the angle on the handle too…it won’t work in a flat knife block, but you can find a knife holder at World Market called a “Swoosh” block that works great for this knife.


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