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Custom conversation candy hearts – in time for Valentine’s Day

Convohearts_eblastsafe(1)Looking for something new and exciting to share with your clients, family, friends? How about custom candy hearts? A conversation breaker for sure. Going to a networking event? Hand them out and share with the world your brand, your thoughts, anything and everything you want. Available in all kinds of packaging in all kinds of price points. Ask me how.

Valentine Day Ideas Just for You!

Roses are red, violets are blue

I am ready for Valentine’s Day

Are you?

February 17, A Day of Random Kindness

Did you know that February 17th, is National Random Acts of Kindness Day? It is a time to cement those relationships you have with family, friends and clients. A random act of kindness can be a personal note as well as a small gift. Taking time to actually send out a letter or postcard rather than just an email shows the person that they are worth that additional time it takes to send them.  It is also a time to rekindle a relationship with someone you may have lost touch with. Doing something nice to a complete stranger is another way of showing a random act of kindness. Show those people in your life they are special to you.

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