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New Revolutionary Umbrella! You have to see this. New for 2015!


You should never have to get wet again with this vented umbrella that works to keep you dry whether you are alone, walking with a friend or lover, or pushing a stroller. The unique off-center shaft makes all this possible. Look at the video below and see for yourself.

42″ arc umbrella with windproof frame. 35% more coverage with the off-center metal shaft. Folds to 13″ long. rubberized handle with matching fabric case

What’s New for Umbrellas! Light up Shaft with Flashlight On End

You are looking for an umbrella. You ask yourself or I will ask you, do you want a Folding Umbrella? Mini? Golf umbrella? Vented? Now  I can also ask you if you want an umbrella that has a flashlight on the end and if you want a light up shaft with flashlight at the base of the handle. Great for rainy walk, late at night or any time.  I can tell you that when I stay in the country just getting from the car to the house on a dark rainy night would be the perfect time for these.

Find you way late at night with these new Sabre umbrellas for as low as $24.00 What will they think of next.

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