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New Tech item for 2015- High quality waterproof speaker-try it in the shower!


High Quality Waterproof Speaker:

I am already getting questions about new tech items for 2015. Here is one that i like and think is a little different being able to stick onto the shower walls. Send me an email and I can send you an audio of how it sounds. It would not attach here.

High Quality Stereo Audio Output. Can be used as a waterproof speaker in the shower or pool. (Do not submerge the speaker in the water). Built-in Microphone, very convenient to answer a call on speaker phone. Powerful suction cup attached that will grab on to any flat surface! Shower, door, windows, tables, pool linings, etc. Stick it to your smartphone or tablet pc with its suction cup, the speaker can be used as a holder, Offers you a nice and comfortable angle to use your devices.  2.09″ L x 3.19″ D $13.50 plus set up and ship

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