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It is Spring Time and Time to Get Outdoors. Think Safety! Reflective!

The weather is getting warmer, the trees and flowers are blooming so get outdoors and enjoy nature.  Walking, running, biking and hiking stay healthy, stay active but most important, stay safe with these new reflective whistle and light.

Great for your clubs, safety programs and your daily exercise routine.


Apito Safety Reflector Whistle

¬†This safety reflector whistle comes in bright translucent colors and has a handy swivel clip to attach to your bag. It’s loud with a high pitch that carries over long distances.

Under $1 as low as $.95.

Blitz Clip-On Safety
Reflector Light

This clip-on LED light features a squeeze-on button and translucent reflector case. Two CR1220 batteries are included to get you going out of the box. As low as $1.49





Reflective Safety Vest Keytag

I deal with and know many construction companies and experience has taught me that they are always looking for something different, unique, useful and of course reasonable in price. I have found the perfect item for all you construction companies and those dealing and advertising to that field. These unique keytags are in the shape of a safety vest and also reflective keeping in theme with safety. This is a great item also for schools and companies promoting their safety programs.

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