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EZ Arm Band – Love this Item! Phone Band

One of the reasons I love to go to the Vegas Promotional Products Show is to see all the new and exciting items that I can find and use and share with my fellow clients and friends. Below is a phone band that I can say I actually love. This arm band is large enough to hold most if not all phones, (it holds my Samsung 6 Edge) and is lightweight and comfortable to wear on my long walks, jogs and bike runs. The weather is warming up, the sun is coming out I am back on the biking trails. This is the perfect item to hold my phone on my arm and on the bike handle bars, you can even clip it to the back of you seat if you want to pretend you are alone but still safe and connected if need be. I have been searching for an item such as this and glad to say I found it.


Phone Arm Bands.

Phone armbands hold iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones while you get your exercise. Runing, walking, hiking, climbing these armband phone holders are the way to go. High quality, flexible, come with adjustable strap, hook and loop fastener and attaches to bicep. Prices from $3.00 to $8.75. Great for the fitness person in your life, even if it is you.

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