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Cotton Export Ban Under Review

  India-the world’s second largest grower of cotton announced plans in late March to temporarily ban exports of cotton. If the ban is kept in place, global cotton prices may jump in the short-term and make international buyers wary about sourcing from India. The reason for the ban according to trade officials, is to ensure India can maintain a sufficient supply of cotton for its own textile companies. Already this year India has exported nearly 9.4 million bales of cotton, one million higher than projected. India’s largest customer is China, which has absorbed 80% of cotton.

Now I’m famous-tradeshows here I come

 Saw this picture of me taken at the ASI show in New York City. Guess you can say I famous now. This is actually me discussing the USA made eco-friendly cotton bags on display with the recycled symbol on one side and your imprint on the other. Great price at under $2.50 each.

Uncovering the cotton crisis-2011

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