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Chilling New Products for 2012


Just returned from the PPAI show and looking to share some new products with you. Before you know it Spring will be here. Don’t laugh, it will happen sooner than you think. I always like to help my clients get a jump-start on their marketing and promotional campaigns. Top left is our eco-friendly full wrap cooler along with our freezer friendly 6-can flexi chiller. This chiller stays in your freezer until ready to use and stays cold without the need for ice-packs. Once you take your drink out you will be looking to keep it cold. Our cooler slaps travel flat, then wrap around your can or bottle to keep it cold in that warm sun that is coming. Going on vacation? Don’t want to wait for summer? Pack it in your suitcase and don’t worry, it won’t add any weight to your luggage.

Click on the link below to see a video and get a better feel for these products and more.

Cooler, backpack, chair all-in-one

Here is an item I love. Great for the beach, travel, games, events and more.  This item is a backpack cooler and also triples as a seat. The straps are event padded and there is a spot for your water bottle and a zippered pocket. Folds flat for easy storage. As low as $19.95. Don’t leave home without it. Contact Beth for more great ideas on how to use and decorate this item at 516-935-0553 or

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