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500 mah Dual USB Water Resistant Solar Power Bank Battery Charger

The weather is getting colder, but the sun still shines and solar energy is becoming more popular and ever more needed in this day and age. Check out this new item I know you will love.

500 mah Duall USB Water Resistant Solar Power Bank Battery Charger

Charge multiple devices on the go with this portable water resistant solar powered charger. The shockproof 5000 mAh power bank features a LED torch light, dual USB output, indicator lights to show battery level and carabiner that can attach to your backpack or purse/bag. Silicone shell makes it drop-resistance and high-quality solar panel absorbs solar power fast. Perfect for outdoor activities. This high tech gadget will be sure to cause a splash as part of your company marketing efforts.  Priced as low as $21.00, a bargain for all it does.

5000mah Dual-USB Water Resistant Solar Power Bank Battery Charger

AC – To – USB Adapter – a must have in this age of techonology

What do you do with all those cords and chargers you have   and are using? Everything today is becoming universal meaning that one cord will work with many devices. Now you find that you have a cord that you will use plugged into an AC outlet and you also want to use it with your computer. With this new portable AC-to-USB adapter you can use it either way you want. Plug it in, charge it, use it everywhere you go. For as low as $7.00 imprinted with your logo on it you can be sure that it will be used time after time, again and again. This is definitely one of my new favorite things.

Car cigaretter lighter socket adapter-charge 3 items at once

Product ImageMy friend has an item similar to this and always thought it was a great idea when we drive long distances for business. I know he loves it and always says how much he loves it. With your cigarette lighter socket you can now charge 3 things at once, your phone,, bluetooth, music players and laptop. Compact and lightweight, easy for storage. This is a great item for students, road warriors and sales people. I think I will get one for myself. Do you know anyone that can use it? Let me know.

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