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February 3-7, International Networking Week

Now here is a week I can relate to – National Networking Week. Cold calling is great and can bring much business to a company, but there is nothing better than working with someone you know and trust. Networking allows you to meet and get to know people who leads to not ony business but close friendships as well. Celebrate the key role that networking plays in the development and success of businesses around the world. Work with your local chamber of commerce or Business Network International to provide useful products for networking events.  There are many different networking events around, make sure to get involved with those that work best for you. Business card holders, badge and lanyard holders with of course the traditional pens are perfect event items.

badge holder id holder

Rhinestone Lanyards and Badge holders


Looking to add a little glamour to your life? These Crystal Rhinestone Lanyards, badge holders, key and cell phone holders are the  perfect item for you. Tired of the traditional lanyard? Many companies are switching to just the badge holders and eliminating the lanyard  but with these Rhinestone Holders you will want to wear them over and over again. They come in a variety of colors allowing you to switch colors and match your outfits. These make great gifts for any occasion and will add a lot of style to your next event.


rhinestone badge holder rhinestone lanyard rhinestone holders

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