Mermaid 4-in-1 Premium Dura-Cable

Go ahead, ask me, what is my favorite tech item. This item I have been using and carrying around with me for over 1 year now. Not having gone out much this past year and certainly not traveling, I have not shared and bragged about this item I love so dearly.

Whether I am using my phone, tablet or kindle, when I need to charge my electronics, this item always works for me. I even keep one connected by my coach for easy and accessible usage.

It comes with dual fast 2.1A speed charging, Type C and Micro USB for charging & dual head Micro USB and iDevice for data and charging.

Available in black, blue and red with an extra durable long 47″ braided cable, this is definitely my go to item.

So ask me, what electronic item or accessory should I get?

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