Slipper Socks with Puff Ink

PromoTreds® Slipper Socks are colorful and comfortable socks imprinted with a custom tread. Puff ink is silk-screened and heat cured to imprint a custom message and create a flexible, slip-resistant tread. Promote your message year round. Every glimpse in the sock drawer is another time your message is seen and another experience remembered! 

With low minimums and high durability, Slipper socks are the ideal cost-effective gift for customers, colleagues, friends and family. Everyone needs socks! With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, we can find something to match any logo or theme you have in mind.

Slipper socks make a thoughtful and safe option for healthcare facilities, corporate events, schools, tradeshow giveaways, weddings and birthdays, hotel gift shops, fundraisers, holiday gifts, and so much more!

Add these into your next drop ship package. An idea is to send out an appreciation gift gift with these puffy printed socks along a tumbler or coffee mug with tea and coffee. It makes a nice cozy gift.

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