Carhartt Backpacks – Not Just Apparel

Everyone is familiar with the Carhartt brand. What do you think about when you hear the name Carhartt? Workwear of course but they also make great quality bags like these backpacks as well as coolers. Heavy duty, durable and water repellent, with comfortable shoulder straps, multiple compartments and more.

See below and learn how the company started and what it believes in.

Carhartts. Made and Guaranteed By The Carhartt Family


It was also when Hamilton Carhartt & Company was founded by its namesake (known affectionately as “Ham”) and began producing overalls with two sewing machines and a half-horsepower electric motor in a small Detroit loft. Early failures led Hamilton to focus heavily on market research, and after talking directly with railroad workers, he designed a product that truly fit their needs. Under the motto, “Honest value for an honest dollar,” the Carhartt bib overall was created and rapidly evolved into the standard for quality workwear.

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