Employee Appreciation Day March 5th

Today is March 5th, Employee Appreciation Day. How do you acknowledge your employees?

A kind word or thought is always appreciated. We can never get enough compliments or kind words. We all like to feel appreciated, special and to know that we are doing a good job at home, the office or in school.

In staying with our eco-friendly mindset and products we like our client to create awards and products using sustainable material. These awards made from bamboo are available in stock or custom in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Being such a renewable and hardy material means it requires no pesticides. Bamboo is robust enough to be recycled into other products once it’s finished with, but is also natural enough to fully biodegrade in landfill.

Currently, bamboo fabric is considered to be the trendiest sustainable fabric in the fashion world. … Bamboo plants are capable of growing up to four feet a day. Moreover, bamboo plant releases 35% more oxygen in the air compared to other trees of the same size. With its fast growth, bamboo matures within seven years.

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