Eco-Friendly Custom Socks Digitally Printed

I love the thought of being sustainable and turning recycled bottles into fully digitally printed socks is new even to me. I am always educating my clients on eco-friendly items. Every little bit helps to save our planet.

Working from home, being home more we like to be comfortable and fashionable. Socks have become the go to promotional item.

These socks have minimums as low as 1 piece which really excites me. You do not have to worry about minimums any more and even the cost is low.

WHY DTG (Direct to Garment Printing) is Better than Sublimated Printing.

Due to high temperatures needed for sublimation, the materials need to be a very thick and plastic feeling polyester. This process also only decorates the top layer of the socks, so when you stretch them you get very annoying white lines below. DTG allows for much better detailed designs ALL over and permeating deep into the socks. It also means we can use better quality cotton or polyester. Seamless printing, no artwork overlap on the sides and no white lines when stretched.

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