Voyageur Carson Backpack by Tumi

Have you ever stopped to wonder what bags a promotional company uses for themselves? In case you have I want to share this backpack above.

The Voyageur Carson Backpack is a bag I use whenever I go somewhere. I take my laptop back and forth from home to office and any time I travel in this bag.

I love the material, the fact that it is lightweight and with comfortable straps that I can wear all day long. The water-resistant water bottle pocket, as well as the quick-access phone pocket makes this my go to bag. It even has a slit pocket behind one of the side pockets to keep an umbrella in and available at all times.

I have to thank my daughter for pointing out all the wonderful features this bag has. It is one thing to see it and learn about the features but it is a totally different experience to see someone use and benefit from all the features it has available. After getting one for her, I couldn’t resist getting one for myself.

What is your go to bag?

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