HidrateSpark Steel Smart Water Bottle

This HidrateSparks STEEL water bottle claims to be the world’s smartest water bottle ever created. Made of stainless steel and vacuum insulated it keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours.

The LED smart sensor “puck” glows to remind you when it is time to drink and actually tracks your water intake by syncing via bluetooth to the Hidrate app. Included is a rechargeable battery that lasts 7-10 days. These bottles will fit most standard cup holders and are available in 17 or 21 oz sizes with a chug or straw lid option.

No need any more to worry about how much water you are drinking, this bottle along with it’s own app will tell you.




Exercise enthusiasts

Health enthusiasts

Everyone in need of making sure they are drinking enough water.

GREAT for HEALTH Recognition programs for all companies

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