Hug A Tree and Use Our Hammock

There is nothing like laying around outside in a hammock getting some fresh air.. Taking a nap, reading a book or getting a little sunshine, to me this is very relaxing and nothing to compare.

These hammocks are portable and get be set up any where. No drilling, no screws, nothing is used that can hurt a tree.

I discovered these years ago when I noticed that the hooks we used to put into our trees for our hammocks was not good for them. I needed to find another way to hang my hammock on trees without hurting them. We came across these binds that wrap around the tree trunks making a secure way to set up our hammock without any damage to our trees. Clip on the clips to the binding and you are ready to hang out and relax. The handy pouch makes it easy to take it anywhere with you.

Sustainability is not just about buying and using eco-friendly items but also about not harming the environment.

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