Recipe Bookmarks Yes or No?

Before Kindles and reading apps bookmarks were always an appreciated an inexpensive item to have. I great tool to market your brand and also a great crafts project to do with the kids, with friends or by yourself. Knowing our strength in helping companies market with sustainable items, this was one of my go to items to market myself, show our sustainable side and found it always wanted and appreciated.

I would hand these out with our logo and one of our favorite household recipes to be used with the herb that was on the bookmark. It was a way to connect with clients and friends, hand out a useful item and an active acitivity that would remember us for a while. The bookmark would be used in their books, the seeds planted, and then once the herbs were grown, our recipe was prepared, cooked and enjoyed.

The herbs are on a removable seeded paper so that you can use the bookmark over and over again.

Do you still use bookmarks? Would you be interested to receive a bookmark as a gift or promotional item? Inquisitive minds would like to know.

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