Binders Did You Know

Binders come in Different styles, materials and have different usages.

Turned Edge Binders, top left, have the material turned over the edge of the clipboard for a clean smooth edge and can be made from material like a library book.

Litho Turned Edge Binders are great for fine graphics and 4/Color Process artwork. Both are suitable for foil stamping or debossing and give high-end options that form a lasting impression.

Indstries for the Turn Edge Binders are Engineering/Architectural Firms, Attorney’s and Small to Mid Size Businesses.

Vinyl Binders, top middle, are made from vinyl and heat sealed around the solid chipboard. They are foil stamped or printed 4/Color process and come in a wide variety of materials.

Industries for vinyl binders are Insurance Companies, Sales Offices and Realtors.

Poly Binders, top right, are constructed from polyethylene of polypropelyne and available in different thicknesses good for silk screening or printing digitally.

Industries for Poly Binders are Schools, Transportation and Logistic Companies, Non-Proift and Social Associations

Paper Binders above are made from laminated 18pt C1S paper and can be offset printed, foils tamped or embossed. There are many templates to choose from with a variety of rings capacitites, reinforeced edges and pocket configurations.

Industries for paper binders are Cancer Care Centers or Doctors Offices, Businesses and Human Resources Departments and Financial and Wealth Manager Planners

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